Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake seems to have a problem with Otomo Iru. The official Twitter account guides you to the conditions and avoidance methods of the problem.

The bug that has been confirmed this time is related to Otomo Iru’s secret support, newly added in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Originally, it was possible to set up equipment support behavior. From this work, a new frame to set secret support behavior has been added. The secret support behavior is learned by achieving a requested side quest called the enhanced campaign that occurs after the Master Rank (MR) reaches. Can be set at Otomo Dojo.

Secret support actions include Otomo Irou’s support type. The problem is the Karakuri lottery technique that allows you to learn collect type Otomo, and the technique of cat-type enhancement performances, which can learn fighting Otomo. The bug occurs when only one of these two actions has been learned. If you set any of Otomo’s secret support behavior frame, the equipment support behavior that should be unrelated will change randomly. It is a serious problem that the support behavior of Otomo, which has been grown up so far, changes drastically.

As a way to avoid problems, you can change to secret support behavior other than Karakuri lottery skills and cat type reinforcement skills, or clear both Enhanced Campaign! Collect and Enhanced Campaign! Fight! The method is guided. In each case, it seems that MR ★ 1 quest Kappa frog-no-no-ken can be ordered after clearing.

In addition, the response to the change in support behavior is also guided. This is a solution to use support behavioral acquisition, a function that allows you to customize support behavior at Otomo Dojo. Details about quests in which various support behavior acquisitions are released are as follows.

・ Acquisition training Durable training equipment edition (MR ★ 3 can be ordered after clearing the incarnation of runaway power)
・ Training training hard training place (MR ★ 4 can be ordered after clearing the Sleepy Leather Dragon)
・ Training training equipment edition (MR ★ 5 can be ordered after clearing Moonlight)

According to user reports, the bug is happening on both Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). The development team is currently preparing to fix this bug. When setting a secret support behavior, it should be noted that Airou’s support behavior from the previous work will not change.