2.4 patches containing balanced regulations in Diablo 2 were released. Adjusting the utilization of each job, and the new rune ring and hydration are added.

Blizzard released the Diablo 2: Leisure 2.4 patch notes to be applied to the test server (PTR) on the 22nd. The contents of the patch are summarized as balancing control, new items and systems, and tooltips and play changes.

In the case of Amazon, the benefits of increasing the benefits of using proximity techniques and the patches of how they have benefited to the point investment of lightning proximity techniques. At the same time, the frequency of use such as piercing and tucking and turbulence increased the power of the proximity technology, and the conversation of the conversation was changed to be more widely used compared to the oblique pit. In addition, we have improved the ‘inner vision’ and ‘deceleration’ radius, and after using ‘shed’ and ‘avoidance’, Dillon reduced Dillon while the animation is regenerated. In the bow and cracking technology, it improved the amount of damage to the flame bow at a high level, and the elemental arrow MANA was reduced. The ‘stated’ technology also gave the incremental increase in weapon damage reduction effects, so that it has advantages over the remaining physical bowing technologies.


The assassin is changing the martial arts technique, which is greatly changed, and the charge is consumed when the regular attack is used, and the combat can be performed while maintaining the number of charging. The damage to the low-frequency of use was increased, and the effects of increased trapping techniques have been increased, and synergy improvement was improved.

The barbarian agents have been further assured of convenience and tooltip descriptions, and ‘battlefield implications’ and ‘creeping Ho shin’ and the like have strengthened. In addition, a thinning probability was added to the thriving skill, it is easier to treat the enemy with a crushing technique, and improved the operating speed of the leap technology and the increase in attack value per level. In addition, the synergy of ‘ideation’ and ‘lighting’ was changed.

Druid increased the utilization of flame technology, and the ‘polar blast’ and ‘stone wind’, which we believe the power fell, was upgraded. In addition, in the transformation state, an element enhancement effect technique is enabled, and the hassle of continuing to change the shape to maintain the strengthening effect. In the case of transformation, the werewolf raise the hit rate, the bear man was raised in the Gretel. Finally, summoning removes the ‘random vitality’ value that was not visible in the summons and was consistently controlled the damage.

The Code of Code has also improved summoning technology that was low frequently used. Skeletal magic scholars, bones, flame golem, and steel golem were improved to give more powerful and stable damage, and increase the synergy bonus to enhance the bone technology to suit the second half of the game, enhancing the absorption of the victims per level of the bone armor I raised rewarding. The weakening technology has also added a decrease in damage per level, making it clear to identify identity.

The Ghost has reinforced the performance of the wilderness Aura, which is useful for the mall, and the ‘divine flame’ was upward. In the case of ‘Thorn’, when the attack was hit, not reflecting the damage, but when attacking is attacked, it has changed to give a fixed damage, and it has made it possible to exert a consistent combat performance. In addition, the use of ‘divine light stem’ and ‘heavenly fists’ with low frequency were changed to enforce the logic to make it more widely used.

Finally, an element of an element are a patch that broadens the width of the technology build, which improves the frequency of use in cold, lightning, and flame sectors, respectively, and adding synergies.

In addition to the balance patch, the mercenary has changed consistent with the character level, the new rune ring, and the Hydration manufacturing method used to upgrade the unique item, and the change is also applied to the set item bonus.

The patch with the balance patch and the change is applied to the 26-day PTR server, and the existing character progress of the existing PTR server is initialized with the patch application. The period of application is notified, and details will be further disclosed in the future with new news related to ladder rating.