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Summary of PS5 sales information [August 30] – Rakuten Books started new lottery sales, so please note that the reception period is short.

PlayStation 5 (PS5), which provides new generation game experiences, was released on November 12, 2020. This PS5 is still difficult to obtain as of 2022, and there is more demand for supply.

Here, we will check the latest information on the sales status of PS5 and the lottery sales, and mainly deliver the recruitment for a certain extent that can be applied on the web or on the official app. Please check here for information such as receptionists that you have not yet applied.

◆ Status on August 30 ─ Rakuten Books has started a new reception

Each store has been selling lottery sales on an irregular period, and on August 30, Rakuten Books has started a new reception. However, please note that the reception period is short. In addition, Geo and Nojima Online are continuing to sell lottery sales.

In addition, the invitation and sale of PS5 (Disc Drive-equipped/digital edition/Horizon Forbidden West set) are being sold on Amazon. You need to request an invitation in advance, but you can buy PS5 if you are selected as an invitation. Because it is a so-called lottery sales method, it is not always available, but the invitation request you apply is valid for 12 months, so there is no need to apply one by one.

Sony Store Nagoya distributes lottery tickets to announce the winning results on that day. The distribution period and date and time are from 11:00 am to 14:00 am every day from August 22 to September 11. The winning number was announced on Sony Store Nagoya Twitter. If you win, the purchase deadline will be until 19:00 on the same day (Sony Store Nagoya’s business end time).


The price of PS5 will be revised on September 15, and both models will increase by 5,500 yen. Therefore, I think that many people want to purchase by September 14th. Lottery sales of Rakuten Books can be purchased at the price before the revision. Geo has a winning contact period until September 14th, so if you get in touch on the last day, it will be possible to purchase it before the price is raised if you complete the purchase procedure that day.

◆ About lottery sales of Rakuten Books

Rakuten Books has launched a new lottery sale of PS5. However, since the application deadline is as short as 16:59 on August 31, it is recommended to apply early.

In order to apply for this lottery, it is essential to register Rakuten members with registered addresses that can be used as destinations. Please note that Rakuten members without address registration will be invalidated. In addition, if the sending address at the time of order is different from the registration information, the winning right will be expired. Let’s check the membership information in advance.

◆ About lottery sales of Geo

Geo announces that PS5, which will arrive from August 24 to September 13, will not be sold at the Geo Group store and will only sell lottery sales (excluding used). The application for this lottery sales is accepted by the official application Geo App.

The reception period of this lottery sales is until 17:59 on September 1st. The lottery results are notified only to the winners, so check the receiving email frequently during the results of the results. Unlike the previous time, there is no need to trade in PS4. In addition, this time is only a digital edition version without a disk drive.

◆ About lottery sales of Nojima Online

Nojima Online is available for the 24th lottery sales. The application period is until 23:59 on August 31. The winning notification will be made sequentially from early to mid-September.

This lottery sales are also for Nojima Online members, and those who have purchased at Nojima Online in the past are prioritized. There is a possibility that you will win without the purchase history, but if you have a purchase history, the winning magnification will change significantly. In addition, the purchase price and the number of times do not affect.

RB Leipzig: Cup video game in Dessau after attack on arena grass

The execution of the DFB Cup game of the 1st round in between RB Leipzig and Teutonia Ottensen in Dessau is obviously on the edge. As thebildreports, the cops are examining on the pitch because of a suspected assault.

Till the prepared edition on August 30, both groups, the city of Dessau as well as the DFB are working on a solution to the problem.

Articles as well as video clips on the subject
* Leipzig’s false start: The deserved wage
* Leading sport reside on dazn. Register currently! Can be canceled at any type of time.

Till the prepared edition on August 30, both teams, the city of Dessau and the DFB are working with a service to the trouble. Every person entailed hopes that it will be possible to repair the yard. Particularly since an exchange of residence legal rights is prohibited according to the DFB statutes.

The execution of the DFB Cup game of the 1st round in between RB Leipzig and Teutonia Ottensen in Dessau is evidently at the limit. The factor is the existing state of the lawn in the Paul-Greifu-Stadion. As thebildrecords, the authorities are investigating on the pitch due to the fact that of a believed assault.


A compound was applied in the fine areas as well as on the facility circle that lets the lawn be obtained. We check out due to property damages, an authorities spokesman is priced estimate in the record.

In the search for a venue, the Hamburg district club had joined a basket from FC St. Pauli, which Ottensen had provided a cancellation for challengers RB Leipzig.

Leipzig’s first-round challengers from the Regionalliga Nord had a huge trouble to find a venue in any way. Because the residential arena just has synthetic grass, a step was called for.

The video game will certainly be played with delay due to the fact that Leipzig finished the Supercup against FC Bayern (3: 5) at the end of July. Bayern will start the cup competitors at Viktoria Köln on August 31.

Bloodstated: Ritual of the Night is a unique collaboration with Kaze no Tabi Bit. To the implementation of the underground labyrinth where the Guardian becomes a boss

Publisher 505 GAMES announced on August 19 that it will collaborate on the current action game Bloodstated: Ritual of the Night with Thatgamecompany’s adventure game Journey. The free update 1.40 to be implemented with collaboration elements will be distributed on August 23 local time.

Bloodstated: Ritual of the Night is a metroidovanian horizontal scrolling action game designed by Koji Igarashi, a former Konami producer of the Akumajo Dracula series. In this work, a collaboration with the kingdom construction strategy game KINGDOM TWO CROWNS and CHILD OF LIGHT was held, and surprising combinations were noted (related article). And this time, a collaboration with Kaze no Tabi Bit has been announced. Once again, a mysterious combination collaboration was implemented.

The underpass area, which is a collaboration of Kaze no Tabi Vito, can be challenged from the hidden entrance. It seems that the entrance to the underpass will appear by reaching the giant beast district. On the other hand, the entrance is somewhere outside the giant beast district, and highlights are displayed on the map inside the castle. In the underpass, it will be advanced using the power of the shad. At the end of the underpass labyrinth, the Guardian is waiting, and this confrontation seems to be the last challenge. If you defeat it brilliantly, you can acquire special equipment related to Kaze no Tabi Bit. The collaboration hidden area does not affect the achievement rate or achievement of the map.

In addition, various defects will be revised in the update 1.40. If the options are not changed in the randomizer, the save room and warp room are randomized, and the defects that do not update the commands displayed in the custom controller settings will be corrected.

The developer released a 2022 roadmap in June, and the existence of the collaboration area in the update 1.40 was revealed. This time, the area was announced as a collaboration with Kaze no Tabi Bit.

As for future updates, there will be a chaos mode that can be played with local/online co-op in the fall, and VS mode that can be played with local/online PVP. New costumes that will be free DLC in winter, and new costumes and classic mode 2, which will be paid DLC, are expected to be distributed. The distribution time has not been confirmed for new costumes and classic mode 2, and it has been reported that it may be released simultaneously or separately. It may be distributed at the same time as the chaos mode/VS mode implemented in the fall.

Bloodstated: Ritual of the Night is on sale for PC (Steam/ One/Nintendo Switch. The Update 1.40, which is implemented by the Kaze no Tabi Vito collaboration area, will be distributed on August 23 local time.

Parkour criminal action CRIMERUNNER announced. Run around the city of the night endlessly and make up crimes

Publisher Movie Games announced on August 17 the first-person Parkour action Crimerunner . The release is scheduled for 2024. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). According to the store page, it will also support Japanese display.

This work is an action game using Parcour, which is developed from a first-person perspective. It seems to be a stage in an urban city with a dense building in a middle-layer building and skyscrapers.

There are three gang forces in the city, and each has a specialty, such as vandalism, drug trading, and robbery. Players belong to one of the young gangs and start their career. By delivering pickpockets and suspicious supplies, and picking vehicles, the fame as a gang increases.

As the status rises, the players are dancing in a difficult job. At the same time, it seems that special abilities such as avoiding unnecessary troubles with the police will be followed. However, if you have a close relationship with the police, you may have to choose between pride as a gang or protection in the back society.


In this work, you will use Parcour to escape from the police tracking. In the trailer, you can also see how the action with a height difference using the terrain is developed. A scene that jumps from the roof of the building to the roof of the building next door, a scene that passes through the narrow gap between the vent and the ground by sliding, and the scene that slides down from the top of the building to the ground. You can also check jumping actions with outdoor units and large trash cans. There seems to be stealth elements that hide in the shadows so that police officers around the city cannot find them.

CRIMERUNNER will be released in 2024 for PC (Steam).

Vampire Survivors latest Apde distribution. The implementation of official cheat function and the addition of non -planned content

On August 5, the developer PONCLE has launched a patch 0.10.0, which is the latest update, Vampire Survivors overlooked. Each of the new Arcana and new weapons have been added, and two types of characters and one type of lerrick not on the roadmap are implemented. Furthermore, it seems that elements that enable cheats have appeared.

Vampire Survivors is a Steam and a viewpoint action game under early access distribution. It has gained popularity for elements such as 300 yen low price, easy and crazy game play, and frequent updates. The patch version of the previous distribution is 0.9.0. It was unlikely that the next version will be the official release version 1.0, and the minor version girder was up to 0.10.0. It seems that this work will implement even elements that are not in the plan, but will also update further.

First, the additional content of this patch is new Arcana and one new weapon, and two characters are added. Characters called Cosmo Pavone and Big Trousers are now available. Along with that, two types of new achievements have been added. And the highlight of this patch is Spells, a new element.

SPELLS is a cheat function early. Players can unlock the stage and characters, and get the relic quickly with this feature. There are also cheats that are not practical, such as rotating the UI. In addition, the developer press release that conveys this patch implementation also described the list of this cheat code. When I asked the developer about whether or not it was published, I accepted it friendly. Apparently it seems to be the premise of barre. Just in case, we will describe the cheat code list at the end of this article.

Next, about other elements and balance adjustments. First, a new BGM has been added to the Bone Z1. And some arcana was adjusted. I-Gemini is also effective for GATTI Amari and its evolution. Regarding V-Chaos in The Dark Night, the speed of the projection was-50 % to+200 %, but it seems that it was changed to-50 % to+50 %. On the other hand, the effect of increasing the projection speed by +1 % for each level up has been added. In other words, it became Arcana, where performance is stable by raising the level. Xvii-Lost & Found Painting and Xviii-BooGaloo of Illusions are also adjusted. Each duration and the maximum swing of the effect area decrease, and instead a bonus for each level up has been added.

In addition, the official patch note suggests that a virtual keyboard function for touch screens and game pad users currently under development and additional Spells are added. This work seems to be expanding elements for the official release. I also look forward to the renewal of the engine that the developer is currently working on.

VAMPIRE SURVIVORS is being distributed early on Steam, and the price is 300 yen including tax. It is also distributed for PC GAME PASS. The detailed list of Spells is described below.


-Spinnnn: Spins the UI for a bit


-Relaxen Joylife: Unlocks IL MOLISE

-Honesty: Unlocks Moongolow

-DotGogreenacres: Unlocks Green acres

-Rottingpizza: Unlocks The Bone Zone

-PeakGamedesign: Unlocks Boss Rash



-Tramezzini: Unlocks Toastie. ONLY WORKS IF EXDASH IS Unlocked.

Main Characters

-Noneladonna: Arca Ladonna

-Vivaladonna: Porta Ladonna

-SuperLadonna: Lama Ladonna


-Bioparco: DOMMARIO

-Faschiuma: SUOR CLERICI


-CrystalMakeup: Christine Davain


-Carramba: Bianca Ramba

-Reset: O’Sole Meeo

-Languorino: SIR AmBROJOE


-ThisShoudhavebeeNUNLOCKEDBYDEFAULT: Grim Grimoire


-LeadMetothocheese: Milky Way Map

-EggSeggseggs: Glass Vizard

-Teleportustustomars: Mindbender

-Randomazzami: Randomazzo + Arcana VI


-Thankelrond: Magic Banger

-TimeCompress: Sorcers Tears

ihaveesEenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveSeeNitihaVESENITIHAVESENITENIT: YELLOW SIGN

Secret Characters

-Secondevolution: Gyorenton

-Earrivatolarrotino: Big Trouser


-Fettinepanate: Boon Marrabbio

-IwillNeverletyouforgetaboutMe: LEDA

-Pinociampino: Peppino

-Highfive: GAINS BOROS

-Ablasphemousmockery: Mask of the Red Death

Additional weapons and English sounds have been introduced in the PS4 version of Jusan Warning Defense Area free patch. New price versions with DLC benefits are also available

On August 4th, Atlas launched a new price version of the Welcome Value Pack with DLC benefits for the PS4 version of the dramatic adventure game 13 aircraft defense sphere . The price is 7678 yen (tax included) for both the package and download version.

In addition, a free patch that adds the in-game elements and English audio to the PS4 version of the Nintendo Switch version of this work has been distributed today. This patch can also be applied in versions released before the Welcome Value Pack.


Jusan Machinery Defense Area is a dramatic adventure game designed by Vanilaware. In the world of this work, one day in 1985, the existence called monster suddenly flew like a meteorite. Then, 13 boys and girls living in a different era from the 1940s to the future of the 22nd century rode a giant robot called mechanic and confronting the destruction fate over time.

This work is an adventure part, an adventure part that explores the truth of the destruction of the destruction from a daily event, a research edition that enjoys returning and considering the story in event archives and mystery files, and boarding a soldier. Consists of the simulation battle part Collapse that fights monsters. By unraveling the stories of all 13 protagonists, the truth of the world will be revealed.

The PS4 version Welcome Value Pack released this time includes two types of DLC benefits in addition to the main game. The first is the digital booklet Digital Secret File, which is completely supervised by Vanilaware, which completely reproduced a variety of projects, including the 1980s magazine-style articles that appeared in the game. A total of 132 pages also covers the game that has not been recorded and treasured.

The other is original theme & avatar set. In addition to the premium version of the original theme, the main characters of this work, Okinoji, Chihiro Shibata, Miwatari Sawatari, Tamao Kurabe, and BJ / Tail are set.

For the PS4 version of this work, a free patch that introduces additional weapons and English audio has been launched. These are elements implemented before the Nintendo Switch version. Additional weapons will be added (26 types in total) per protagonist for weapons that can be used in the collapsed battle.

For example, Juro Kurabe adds a penetrating machine gun arm piercing cannon, and a high-power plasma arc fountainer that ignores enemy armor and deals maximum damage. Megumi Yakushi-ji will add a high-pals laser that emits a beam in front of the front, and a penetrating multi-rock missile that emits a missile within the specified range. For more information, please check the official website.

Jusan Channel Defense Area is on sale for PS4/Nintendo Switch. Following the release of the Welcome Value Pack, the PS4 version of Premium Edition and Premium Edition Upgrade have been discontinued.

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