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The best benefits and tips for Arya Stark in Multiversus

The cruel and contemptuous attacks of the Stark, ruthless combo and the mechanics of sudden movements make her the best killer in Multiversus.

Being the best killer in the game, her movements and attacks are quite complicated, and a beginner in the game may seem that studying these combo will be a little complicated.

Perki is special abilities in multiversus, which, combined with attacks and combo, increase the strength of the characters to a much higher level and help you easily win the opponents.

The development of the perks should be the focus of the players in the game, and if you decide to continue the game with Arya, then read the next article to learn about some of the best perks and advice of Arya in Multiversus.

The best abilities for Arya Stark in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: betrayal
The betrayal is best, since it increases the power and strength of your allies and Arya. The buff, provided by this perk, allows the Arya to move at a speed exceeding its original, and attack many times more, which makes it almost invincible. Combine with thugs or other assassins and use this ability to cause trouble to your opponents.

perk Slot 1: Champion of the Foot Day
Next follows the first perks slot, and Leg Day Champ is suitable for this slot. This ability increases the height of the Arya jump, as well as your allies, which allows them to perform stronger and stronger combo-attacks in the air.

perk slot 2: The second wing under your wings
Second Wing Beneath Your Wings is the best option for the second slot. This perk is best combined with the fast reflexes of Arya, allowing her to quickly dump air attacks after the enemy stunes.

Combining this perk with its speed, it can easily rush to other enemies after the enemy attack in the air, thus performing the perfect series of combo.

perk slot 3: shock
Finally, we have the power of an impact strike that enhances the blow of Arya, casting her enemies horizontally.


Tips Arya Stark

It belongs to the class of assassins, which indicates that she specializes in close combat, and not in the far. However, her fast reaction and powerful attacks allow her to act better even in distant battle, which makes her the best killer in the game.

In addition, her neutral special ability allows her to steal the face of opponents, which means that she can repeat their movements, but not all of them. Its attacks are slightly inferior to distant ones, so this ability is really useful, since Arya allows far attacks.

There are other unique abilities, and the most interesting of them is its ability to apply more damage whenever she attacks the enemy from behind. With her quick reflexes and an attack on the ground, she can easily strike the enemies from behind, instantly defeating them.

How to defeat the duelist keeper graves in Elden Ring

The grave keeper-duelist is an optional boss in the catacombs of gloomy water. The boss has a wide area of ​​attack and causes a lot of endurance damage, which makes the blocking quite complicated. It also has many punishable moves that players can take advantage if they know when it is safe to attack.

How to defeat the duelist keeper graves in the catacombs of gloomy water

At the first collision Duelist Keeper Graves , the boss is open for a quick strike of long-range characters. They will remove the hood and rush into the attack.

movement – kick over your head

The boss uses a blow from above attack using both of its hammer. This attack has a short completion recognized by the guarage of the graves, raised both of its hammer into the air. This can be done at the end of combo or independently.

attack and evasion – blow from above

Far battle characters can simply escape while completing this attack to cause damage. Melee characters can turn over when the attack begins to decline. The transition to the attack or behind the boss gives players enough time for several attacks.

movement – capture and slow blow

Grave Warden Duelist has two separate single attacks in their grab as well as slow hit Attacks. Capture can be easily seen when the boss is ground before moving forward with an elongated hand. The attack of a slow blow can be seen when the boss holds the hammer up before jumping forward, sometimes run and break the ground.

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Attack and evasion – Capture and slow blow

Both of these attacks are simple for long-term players, as they are well broadcast and require only a short distance before it is possible to safely attack. Melee players can roll through or from the side of the capture and slowly hit, responding with rolling. The boss has little downtime, before he sharpens.

movement – a combination of four blows

The most commonly used GRAVE WARDEN attack is a combination of four shots, including two swings . In the first attack, the boss jumps forward to attack what he woofers, raising his hammer. This is just one of the variations of this combo.

Attack and evasion – combo from four blows

Elden Ring - Grave Warden Duelist Made Simple (Murkwater Catacombs Boss, Limegrave)

Evasion at the initial zamach and run back is when the opening is available for long-range character characters. Melee characters will have to make every blow and can stand behind the boss during the animation of the chain crash for additional blows. The final blow will need to be thrown away, and, rolling into a blow, players can avoid damage and be close enough to apply as many strikes as possible.

Takes – Alternative Combo Four Boots

Starting Combo with Punch on top Grave Warden follows this attack with two Chain swing Its area of ​​action swinging, and then it SLEM jumps . The boss will often be mixed and combined the techniques from which it opens its combination of four shots, but always ends with the same 1. The shuffles with a large square, followed by a punch in a jump, always finishes these combinations.

Attack and evasion – alternating combo from four strikes

Blocked in combo animations, players can safely attack the boss, since most of its movements do not work. Tracking . For long-scale players, they can start attacking already when driving a chain, if there is a sufficient distance. Melee players can also attack during chain impacts, but only from behind.

moves – a combination of five blows

Despite the fact that he has so many cracklers, the most simple combination of Grave Warden Duelist is easy to avoid and anticipate. The beginning of the combo is the same as a combo from four strikes, but the boss continues to swing with his hammers horizontally. This may be discontinued prematurely if the player goes too far.

Attack and evasion – combo out of five blows

Players caught in this combination in the corner or by the wall should calculate the time of their throws when the hammer begins his arc. Otherwise, the movement is simple, and far-fighting players can take advantage of its long animation. Melee players will have to wait for the combo end before they can attack.

Takes – Warf

The weapon of the boss weapon is called Rabbing and will increase the speed of attack, protect and restore the endurance of anyone who uses it. Grave Warden will try to strengthen himself with this technique after he remains about 50 percent of health. It can be found in Red Aure around the boss.

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Strokes in the back and parry

The player can use his critical strikes to great efficiency during this struggle. All attacks above the head of Grave Warden Duelist can be Parissed and the boss can be Strike in the back . The parley window is very large and can be started as soon as the animation is beginning to appear.

Using shields

Players guarding their shields still have to fight back from many Grave Warden Duelist attacks. This is due to the number of endurance damage applied by their attacks. Garden break . Even with high endurance repetitive attacks, attacks on top and

Additional resources

The appeal of the Spirit is an easy way to divide the agro on this boss and an effective tool for obtaining several beats in the back. If the players have no appeal with a higher level of FP, use group challenges, such as Single Wolf ash or Skeletal militia Even more will divide the agro boss. This gives enough time to treat or attack as needed.

Update Weapons – a good call for battle, and players can farm blacksmith stones from enemies or exploring locations. Godrik Soldiers have a reasonable chance of falling out for them and can be processed Church of Elle Site Grace. They can also be found in Limgray Tunnels .

Advanced Elden Ring Guides see Where to Farm Forge Stones 1 in Elden Ring in professionals’ games manuals.

Lippouti ottincelant pearling pearling pooke 238

Lippi is an ice-type / psychic Pokémon appeared during the second generation and available in sparkling diamond versions and glittering pearl.

Summary: Information | Evolutions | Talents | Statistics | Weaknesses | Appearance | Locations | Attacks | Useful links

Pesutesti | Sumuta ja huuhtele suojatuotteet | 30 Pesua
| National | 238

Singh | –


| | | Smoochum

| Much


National | 238
Singh | —
| | Smoochum

| | Much

| Genre | Category | Capture rate

Male: 0%
Female: 100% | Pokémon Bison | 45 (Medium)
Size | Weight | Basic happiness
0.6 m | 6,0 kg | 70
egg group | hatching | EV given
Unknown | 6400 steps | 1 ATT. Spite

| Male: 0% | Female: 100%

Pokémon kiss
Capture rate
45 (Medium)
0.6 m
6,0 kg
Basic happiness
egg group
| Unknown

6400 steps
EV given
1 ATT. Spite

evolutions | Lippi | →
NV 30 | Lippoutou

| Benet | Immunize against charm and provocation.

Prediction | Reveals the adverse attack with the greatest basic power.
Hydration | In the rain, heals a change of status at the end of the turn.


Immunize against charm and provocation.
Reveals the adverse attack with the greatest basic power.
In the rain, heals a change of status at the end of the turn.



Statistics | LEV 50 | NIV 100
PV | 45 |

| 105 – 152 | 200 – 294
ATT | 30 |

| 31 – 90 | 58 – 174
Def | 15 |

| 18 – 73 | 31 – 141
ATT SPE | 85 |

| 81 – 150 | 157 – 295
Defeated | 65 |

| 63 – 128 | 121 – 251
It | 65 |

| 63 – 128 | 121 – 251
Total | 305
The mini stats are calculated with EV and IV to 0, and a penalty of nature, if possible.
Max stats are calculated with EV at 255, IV to 31, and a bonus of nature, if possible.


Weaknesses and resistances

| | | | | | | |
2 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | ½ | 2
| | | | | | | |
1 | 1 | 1 | ½ | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1

Appearance of Lippi

Normal | Chromatic


Lippi location in sparkling diamond and scintillating pearl


Lake Truth, Grands underground

List of Lippi Attacks in Sparkling Diamond and Scintillating Pearl

attacks obtained by level

level | Name | Type | Cat. | then. | PRE | pp

1 | Lech | | | 30 | 100% | 30
30% chance to paralyze the target.
1 | FACE | | | 40 | 100% | 35
No extra effect.
4 | Powder | | | 40 | 100% | 25
10% chance to freeze the target.
8 | Photocopy | | | — | — | 20
Uses the last attack used during the fight.
12 | Mental shock | | | 50 | 100% | 25
10% chance to make the target confused.
16 | Implores | | | 60 | 100% | 25
If the launcher does not hold an object, flies the object held by the target.
20 | Lullaby | | | — | 55% | 15
Effort the target.
24 | Croce tear | | | — | 100% | 20
Decreases the special defense of the target of two levels.
28 | Ice head | | | 75 | 100% | 15
10% chance to freeze the target.
32 | Psycho | | | 90 | 100% | 10
10% decrease the special defense of the target of a level.
36 | Sweet kiss | | | — | 75% | 10
Makes the target confused.
40 | Black look | | | — | — | 5
Prevents leakage and change of the target.
44 | Requiem | | | — | — | 5
Place 4 Requiem counters on Pokémon present on the ground. At the end of each turn, the counter decreases 1. If the counter of a Pokémon reaches 0 it is set out.
48 | Blizzard | | | 110 | 70% | 5
10% chance to freeze the target. 100% precision under the hail.

attacks obtained by reproduction

Name | Type | Cat. | then. | PRE | pp

Bluff | | | 40 | 100% | 10
Can only be used only during the first launcher round. A target. Priority: +3.
Vow | | | — | — | 10
At the end of the next round, the Pokémon on the ground regenerates 50% of the PVS max launcher.
Imitation | | | — | — | 10
The launcher replaces his talent by that of the target.
Ice head | | | 75 | 100% | 15
10% chance to freeze the target.

attacks obtained by CT

N° | Name | Type | Cat. | then. | PRE | pp

03 | Vibrant | | | 60 | 100% | 20
20% chance to make the target confused.
04 | Fullness | | | — | — | 20
Increases the special attack and special defense of a level.
07 | Hail | | | — | — | 10
Triggers the small climate.
13 | Ice Laser | | | 90 | 100% | 10
10% chance to freeze the target.
14 | Blizzard | | | 110 | 70% | 5
10% chance to freeze the target. 100% precision under the hail.
16 | Wall light | | | — | — | 30
For 5 turns, reduces the special damage received by the Allied Pokémon by 50%.
17 | Shelter | | | — | — | 10
Protects with any attack during a tour. The accuracy is divided by 3 to each consecutive use. Priority: +4.
18 | Rain dance | | | — | — | 5
Triggers the rain climate.
29 | Psycho | | | 90 | 100% | 10
10% decrease the special defense of the target of a level.
30 | Ballombre | | | 80 | 100% | 15
20% chance to reduce the special defense of the target of a level.
32 | Reflection | | | — | — | 15
Increases the dodger of a level.
33 | Protection | | | — | — | 20
For 5 turns, reduced physical damage by 50% received by the Allied Pokémon.
42 | Facade | | | 70 | 100% | 20
Double the power of the attack if the launcher is poisoned, burned or paralyzed.
44 | Rest | | | — | — | 10
The launcher regenerates his PV maximum and falls asleep for the next 2 tours.
45 | Attraction | | | — | 100% | 15
The target becomes charmed if it is sex opposite that of the launcher.
46 | Larsen | | | 60 | 100% | 25
If the launcher does not hold an object, flies the object held by the target.
48 | Exchange | | | — | — | 10
The launcher and the target exchange their talents.
56 | Tamest | | | ?? | 100% | 10
Launches the object held on the target. The power of the attack varies depending on the object consumed.
58 | Tenacity | | | — | — | 10
Until the end of the turn, keeps 1 PV at the thrower after an attack that should have put it out of bat. Priority: +4.
63 | Machination | | | — | — | 20
Increases the special attack of two levels.
66 | Retaliation | | | 50 | 100% | 10
Double the power of the attack if the target has already acted during the turn.
67 | Recycling | | | — | — | 10
Team a single-use object naturally consumed by the launcher during the fight.
70 | Flash | | | — | 100% | 20
Decreases the accuracy of the target of a level.
72 | Avalanche | | | 60 | 100% | 10
Double the power of the attack if the target has inflicted damage to the launcher during the turn. Priority: -4.
77 | Boost | | | — | — | 10
Copy changes in target statistics.
82 | Blab la Dodo | | | — | — | 10
Can only be used assorted. Uses a random attack among the launchers list of attacks.
85 | Devourve | | | 100 | 100% | 15
The target must be asleep. Regenerates 50% of the damage inflicted.
86 | Grass knot | | | ?? | 100% | 20
Inflicts damage depending on the mass of the target. The greater this one, the more powerful the attack.
87 | Bastardize | | | — | 85% | 15
Makes the confused target and increases its attack on two levels.
90 | Cloning | | | — | — | 10
Removes 25% of the launchers PVS and creates a clone with the number of PVS used. The clone is immunized against status attacks and cash damage attacks instead of the launcher.
92 | Distortion | | | — | — | 5
For 5 turns, Pokémon act from the slowest to the fastest. Priority: -7.

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Tunche Review Fight through the forest


The horizontal scroll ups Beats are an essential industry since its inception. Of Double Dragon Renegade, the genre dominated the consoles and arcade halls in the 80s and 90s. Although there was some resurgence with games like Streets of Rage 4 and River City Girls, examples modern remained faithful to the conventions. Seeking to infuse a new life to the genus, Since has set up rogue-lite mechanisms that add strategy and unpredictability, but this intriguing combination will revise an aging genus?

Located in the Amazon rainforest, you play one of the 5 protagonists looking for the mysterious Bunche spirit. During your quest, you will meet many monsters who have infested the sacred land. Your task is to overcome creatures to reach the main character.

The simple but fun combat has a layer of depth that makes every single battle. Although the combos are not too complicated, there are many who will damage your opponent in a variety of ways. Each member of the list has his own style of combat, which makes them different. Although subtle, animations and attacks vary, which encourages experimenting different characters, especially if you play cooperatively. With the skill tree, the differences become more apparent. Combatants have specific movements and finishers that are clean. Body struggles are supplemented by distance attacks based on magic. These are becoming more and more important when you try to handle the overwhelming number of enemies on the battlefield. Unfortunately, I met the strange bug that interrupted intense action. Sometimes an enemy remained stuck out of the screen, which forced me to blindly make magic attacks in the hope they would connect. If it did not work, then it s back at the beginning.

There are several ways to avoid damage. You can perform aerial and terrestrial sprints to cross the area or take a more offensive approach by performing a launching attack that sends the enemies to the air, then allowing you to juggle the top and bottom. This adds a strategy to each race because you will need to study your environment and create an action plan. Similar to others in the genre, the 2D aircraft means that the strikes can fly over your opponent rather than landing due to a slight offset. While Leap Game Studios has been generous with the detection of hits, it is an embarrassment that can occur.

Since promotes fast and frenetic action via the combo counter. Running from one enemy to another in rapid succession is rewarded by a note at the end of the stage. The better you will make, the more you will get a high note, which will give you a special type of currency that will allow you to add unique pieces in your running, providing you with a range of bonuses. Although there are many layers at stake here, the game is always repetitive because of the basic fight resting on simple elements. The absence of complex combos means that you will use a similar cycle of entries to inflict damage.

The wonderful fan of opponents you meet is a culminating point of the game. Grenades swollen with suicidal birds, every enemy has specific attacks that require you to read animations and react accordingly. This is particularly evident with boss fights that fill the screen. In these places, you must avoid the dam of attacks, reduce the shield of the imposing beast and finally overcome the colossal creatures. With bosses ending each area, it can be extremely frustrating when a hard crash occurs and alas, it happened several times after reversing the monstrous enemies.

Tunche - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Similar to other Rogue-Lite titles, when you die, you return to your hub to prepare yourself for another race. This is where you can improve your character, facilitating successive hikes. With the currency you earn during your trip through the Amazon, you can improve the capabilities that appear at random during the races. These are extremely important and help make each trip different. The orb collection will add statistics improvements and change the attacks helping you in your search for lost mind.

The avatars have their own motivations to meet the tune that is presented in comic style panels as you progress in the four main areas. The artistic direction is flawless with incredibly detailed elements and a fluid animation that reproduce that of a modern production of Cartoon Network. The greenery of the jungle springs from the screen, further establishing the end ending complexion of the world. Lush views celebrate the natural beauty of South America, plunging you more deeply in the rainforest and encouraging you to venture further. The earthy band adds authenticity that perfectly complements the visuals. Music does a great job to help establish the atmosphere without feeling invasive.

Since is a refreshing version of an established genre. The incredible aesthetic will immediately bring out the one among his peers, but his faithful implementation of the mechanics hinders the experience. While Rogue-Lite features bring a fun touch to each stroke, repetitive fights can quickly become boring. Although there are some problems, it s certainly an interesting game that shines when you play with others.

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