On August 5, the developer PONCLE has launched a patch 0.10.0, which is the latest update, Vampire Survivors overlooked. Each of the new Arcana and new weapons have been added, and two types of characters and one type of lerrick not on the roadmap are implemented. Furthermore, it seems that elements that enable cheats have appeared.

Vampire Survivors is a Steam and a viewpoint action game under early access distribution. It has gained popularity for elements such as 300 yen low price, easy and crazy game play, and frequent updates. The patch version of the previous distribution is 0.9.0. It was unlikely that the next version will be the official release version 1.0, and the minor version girder was up to 0.10.0. It seems that this work will implement even elements that are not in the plan, but will also update further.

First, the additional content of this patch is new Arcana and one new weapon, and two characters are added. Characters called Cosmo Pavone and Big Trousers are now available. Along with that, two types of new achievements have been added. And the highlight of this patch is Spells, a new element.

SPELLS is a cheat function early. Players can unlock the stage and characters, and get the relic quickly with this feature. There are also cheats that are not practical, such as rotating the UI. In addition, the developer press release that conveys this patch implementation also described the list of this cheat code. When I asked the developer about whether or not it was published, I accepted it friendly. Apparently it seems to be the premise of barre. Just in case, we will describe the cheat code list at the end of this article.

Next, about other elements and balance adjustments. First, a new BGM has been added to the Bone Z1. And some arcana was adjusted. I-Gemini is also effective for GATTI Amari and its evolution. Regarding V-Chaos in The Dark Night, the speed of the projection was-50 % to+200 %, but it seems that it was changed to-50 % to+50 %. On the other hand, the effect of increasing the projection speed by +1 % for each level up has been added. In other words, it became Arcana, where performance is stable by raising the level. Xvii-Lost & Found Painting and Xviii-BooGaloo of Illusions are also adjusted. Each duration and the maximum swing of the effect area decrease, and instead a bonus for each level up has been added.

In addition, the official patch note suggests that a virtual keyboard function for touch screens and game pad users currently under development and additional Spells are added. This work seems to be expanding elements for the official release. I also look forward to the renewal of the engine that the developer is currently working on.

VAMPIRE SURVIVORS is being distributed early on Steam, and the price is 300 yen including tax. It is also distributed for PC GAME PASS. The detailed list of Spells is described below.


-Spinnnn: Spins the UI for a bit


-Relaxen Joylife: Unlocks IL MOLISE

-Honesty: Unlocks Moongolow

-DotGogreenacres: Unlocks Green acres

-Rottingpizza: Unlocks The Bone Zone

-PeakGamedesign: Unlocks Boss Rash



-Tramezzini: Unlocks Toastie. ONLY WORKS IF EXDASH IS Unlocked.

Main Characters

-Noneladonna: Arca Ladonna

-Vivaladonna: Porta Ladonna

-SuperLadonna: Lama Ladonna


-Bioparco: DOMMARIO

-Faschiuma: SUOR CLERICI


-CrystalMakeup: Christine Davain


-Carramba: Bianca Ramba

-Reset: O’Sole Meeo

-Languorino: SIR AmBROJOE


-ThisShoudhavebeeNUNLOCKEDBYDEFAULT: Grim Grimoire


-LeadMetothocheese: Milky Way Map

-EggSeggseggs: Glass Vizard

-Teleportustustomars: Mindbender

-Randomazzami: Randomazzo + Arcana VI


-Thankelrond: Magic Banger

-TimeCompress: Sorcers Tears

ihaveesEenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveSeeNitihaVESENITIHAVESENITENIT: YELLOW SIGN

Secret Characters

-Secondevolution: Gyorenton

-Earrivatolarrotino: Big Trouser


-Fettinepanate: Boon Marrabbio

-IwillNeverletyouforgetaboutMe: LEDA

-Pinociampino: Peppino

-Highfive: GAINS BOROS

-Ablasphemousmockery: Mask of the Red Death