This time, the PC version of Stray will be released by Bluetwelve Studio and released by Annapurna Interactive. This work is an action adventure that will become a lost stray cat and escape from Cyber City, which has a dark atmosphere to reunite with a separated family.

Games that manipulate animals tend to move faster than human characters ( Uncle Yoshida’s research ), so it’s comfortable to operate!

This time, I will deliver the illustration as Uncle Nekomimi and deliver it with a high immersion (?)!

It is impossible for uncles! A light action unique to cats!

Four cats were living in a ruined place.

Oh, can you move it anymore! The player operates the cat in front of him.

As we approached other cats, a button mark appeared. You can press it!

Then… the cats have begun to jale! or cute…!

Then, for this cat… cute!

It’s a dream-like game made for cats lovers to be a cute cat and play with the cat. **

It’s just a moment, but I forgot that I was a middle-aged old man… **

Apparently this is called inside wall. The grass and mossy sticking on the doors and cranes can indicate that a considerable number of years have passed since people are gone.

I’m not sure if humanity has perish or just leaving this place, but for me who loves cats, I dream of cat planet-controlled cats.

The four cats leave the bed, whether they go to find the food.

Cats go through a steel frame suspended from the crane or walk on a thin pipe, even in places where the floor is collapsed and ends.

As expected, it is an animal with high athletic ability.

If I’m a reality… I can’t move at a high place and starve!

Even in such a dangerous place, I thought that if the motor nerves were hit by a perfect cat, I jumped alone… .

fails to jump and fall!

But the cat falling in a strange pose was a little cute and laughed. **

Run Cyber City with cat action!

Although it fell from a considerable height, it seems that he managed to land. However, it is painful to drag on my feet…

As an aside, my Hijiki (♀) falls from the cat tower when I was a kitten and became unable to walk.

I took it to the hospital in a hurry, thinking, Is it a broken bone? * . Cats may be surprisingly strong even if they have such a delicate body.

This cat seemed to be quite durable, and started walking with Stasta normally. Was good……!

After passing through the tunnel, there was a city. Unlike inside walls, they are lonely, but they still have a sense of life that someone lives. Did humanity survive! ?

Cats can jump on outdoor units and roofs installed on the wall and move three-dimensionally.

It would be nice to be able to go through a cat-like athletic route. Even so, I can’t see humanity.

Occasionally, the dead end is rushed, which is a cat’s brain.

When I picked up a bucket that was falling around, and thrown it into a ventilation fan that rotated at high speed, the bucket stopped and the wings stopped.

If you do this in reality, it could lead to a major accident that was sorry for mischief, but humans have not yet appeared in this work.

Cat-chan, now you can do it!

There were no humans in the room.

However, there are carpets in the room, beds and TVs, and there are certain evidence that someone lived.

When I got down to the carpet, a button mark appeared again. Let’s hit it repeatedly for the time being.

Then, Cats have begun to scratch the carpet.

The kind of mischief that the owner dislikes is useless!

In the city of Cyberpunk… ?

I was exploring a city without people with my own face, but a creature other than a cat finally appeared.

A glorious glowing person’s eyes… mole? mouse or rat? I don’t know what it is, but when I found it, it attacked! **

If you catch up, you will be stuck, so run away with a button hitting!

In a room in an apartment that escaped, I met a robot named B-12.

According to the B-12, this seems to be a scientist’s room.

After all, this city seems to be a dangerous place. However, it is safe because the B-12 will guide you in the future.

I attached a backpack with a device, and evolved from just a stray cat to a cyberpunk cat at once. **

As we proceeded with the B-12, we found a figure. No, that’s a robot!

The robots were scared of cats, and they hid in the room in a hurry, but helped the B-12 to communicate.

Apparently, this is like a city where robots live, not human beings. **

Robots have been seen on the street and indoors, as they have been alerted.

Many robots are working, such as bar masters and masters of exchanging shops.

Don’t relax in the human-like robots.

Oh, there is a robot on the roof that throws and transports paint cans.

The mischief and mischief came up, and I was surprised to see Nyer when it was thrown. **

As expected, the fallen paint can was hung on the ground, and the robot living in the house under jumped out.

This is not a meaningless mischief, but an angry robot jumped out, making it possible to invade the room.

Yes, mischief is indispensable for the progress of the game!

It’s fun to be mischievous… By the way, I was looking for a separated family.

No ~ Animal is the best game! How many times did you shout cute! while playing…! Every time each cat’s behavior was real, and when I saw the movements that stretched and scratched my head, I was happy to say, I’ll do it ! . In the scene where the things on the table were poked on the floor and dropped on the floor, I felt subtle, saying, I often do this kind of mischief… . But this is also cute…! **

At first, the cityscape, which was just amazing, came out as soon as human-like robots appeared, and a feeling of cyberpunk came out. Cats were able to move at a crisp speed, most of the places that could be climbed could climb, and it was fun to run around endlessly.

Recommended not only for those who like cats, but also for those who like games where you can enjoy Parcour Action!

Stray will be released on July 19, 2022 for PS4/PS5/PC.