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Com2us HoldingsArcana Tactics Revolus, a real -time arena opened

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 4th that it has launched a global update of Arcana Tactics: Revolbus.

In this update, we opened the real-time PVP content ‘Arena’. Unlike general PVP content, the Arena is not growth, but only with brain strategies and skills.

If you enter the arena, you will be randomly selected Arcana, and the two matched users will face the same rules and conditions. At the time of entry, the number of battles can be changed according to the goods consumption, and depending on the multiplier, there is abundant rewards such as ‘Ruby’, ‘Crystal’ and ‘5-star hero soul’.

In addition, the first five-star hidden hero, Uros, first appeared. Uros is a fighter’s steel attribute hero, providing strong defense from the forefront based on his strong stamina. He is also a character with high versatility because he can assist the attack with a skill that reflects his damage to the enemy.

In commemoration of the update, a variety of events are held. The Hidden Hero Special Dungeon All Open Event will be held until the 25th of next month. The new hidden hero’s pickup summons and special dungeons change every day, making it easy to obtain the desired hero.

Ballot: Has Robert Lewandowski with his Bavaria

He additionally really hopes that Bayern will not insist on the agreement. The club around board manager Oliver Kahn originally stood throughout, considering that in the end a deal was approved by FC Barcelona in the amount of up to 50 million euros.

On Tuesday, Lewandowski visited the old colleagues on Säbener Strasse for the last time and also bid farewell to the group, the mentoring team as well as the remainder of the team. Every person was visibly trying to split in the excellent.


Robert Lewandowski’s departure from FC Bayern was accompanied by numerous noise. In spite of the agreement, the Pole saw no future in Munich as well as put the club under pressure, which lastly gave in. We would like to know from you: does this modification Lewy’s legend standing?

Robert Lewandowski’s departure from FC Bayern was accompanied by numerous noise. In spite of the agreement, the Post saw no future in Munich and placed the club under pressure, which finally provided in. We desire to know from you: does this adjustment Lewy’s legend standing?

In the months and also weeks previously, however, it did not look like it: In May he shared his change of adjustment, in very early June he explained in an interview with the broadcasteronet Sportalso that something had actually died in me. I intend to leave Bavaria to have even more feelings in my life.

Will Lewy still remember as one of the club’s big tales or do the recent events transform something? Elect! For application individuals it goes along here.

Lewandowski slammed that a great deal of bullshit was informed about him, sports director Hasan Salihamidzic countered: I can not comprehend it at all. Robert is On the best method to do specifically that.

Articles and videos on the topic
* New illness: BL start in threat?

  • Register the Bundesliga on Fridays and also Sundays exclusively survive DAZN-now!

Will Lewy still keep in mind as one of the club’s huge tales or do the current occasions change something?

9 video games that obtain you out of every gaming crisis

Everybody has such a video game: one that you can play if you no more remain to understand in the gaming and also every little thing is no more fun. If you play your unique video game, everything is fine once more. We asked you about your crisis rescuers and they are!

the very best heros in gaming crises: they are constantly there for us

We asked our sensible community which video games they have assigned their crisis rescuers. We were able to feel sorry for some solutions, others amazed us extremely a lot. In the reduced image series you will figure out which games defy all gaming crises.

From Red Dead Redemption 2 to Dark Souls-some video games have that specific something with which we can get over any gaming crisis. You can constantly rely upon them. Beginning once, everything improves.


Boredom, senselessness, aggravation, tiredness: Sooner or later, all players experience a gaming crisis. In these times of demand, very unique video games have to be made use of to rekindle the fire of enthusiasm.

Among my favorite survival

Tormented Souls could be simply right for you. At the moment, the video game in the PS Store for every person with PS Plus membership (the economical model is sufficient below) is minimized by 50 percent, all others can likewise save 40 percent.

Below you can see a trailer:


classic survival horror

Madison ordered me immediately.

I really feel a cozy shudder and also desire to obtain started nearly right away when I keep in mind the title. The video game just develops a really well evil and revolting terrifying state of mind. Additionally, it makes certain consistent delights. There would certainly be the combination of darkness auto mechanics as well as battling, yet the fights themselves additionally create goosebumps, because Caroline can only fire or strike and also can be difficult with the dealt with camera and also in the slim areas.

__ @Also in the wintertime.

In this title you get on the role of Caroline Pedestrian, who has actually probably never ever seen a horror film. Otherwise, she would hardly just go to a creepy villa due to the fact that of an image of two twin girls that triggers something in her, mommy heart as well as unarmed.

Could Tormented Souls be something for you or do you mind on the strong cam, for instance,? .


It can just be conserved manually as well as with durable goods. There is a trend if the last time has actually been a lengthy time ago. I also delighted in the requiring and also skillfully developed puzzles.

a lot more on the topic.

A cool twist: Caroline can only constantly gear up either lighter or your tool. In dark areas we initially have to run around the opponents and also spark candles prior to we can assault.

Beast and dark: On the one hand, we are attacked by surgically updated as well as mutated animals. If you can neglect it, I can just recommend Tormented Souls.

Do you require more scary on? Click on this link for a game that has only lately appeared as well as we liked: .

Samara Summer season.

Naturally, you should not anticipate AAA scary. Amongst other things, the personality models and the (English) synchro are out a top degree. I can just recommend Tormented Souls if you can neglect it.

In order to find out what these twins are everything about and also how to get out of your house once again, we need to fix puzzles in order to be able to discover new rooms. Two risks make sure that this task does not end up being a stroll.

20 3.

The tale of Tormented Souls is not precisely original, but it helps what makes the game interesting: the mechanics and the creepy atmosphere in the old manor residence, in which a healthcare facility made use of to be housed.

Monster and dark: On the one hand, we are assaulted by operatively updated and also mutated animals. Comparable to how we recognize this from the Memory loss series, Caroline should not be in un illtic edges for too long, otherwise she will simply fall dead with fear.

It is concerning: Tormented Souls is still readily available up until August 4 for EUR 9.99 (with plus subscription) as well as for EUR 11.99 without the solution

Tormented Souls might be just right for you. At the minute, the game in the PS Shop for every person with PS Plus subscription (the inexpensive version is sufficient right here) is decreased by 50 percent, all others can additionally conserve 40 percent. The game only showed up for the Existing Gen. The variation in the deal can be played on PS4 as well as PS5.

[Gemphae] Strategic RPG Brown Dust & Puzzle

‘Gem Star’ is a game review corner for gamers who don’t know what to play because of countless games pouring out a day. We will discriminate on games that are newly released or worth recommending. [Editor]

[Dust Park Ye-jin reporter] The more ‘lighter’ collection RPG came out by adding popularity to the strategic role performance game (RPG). Casual and neglect elements were added to the strategy and collection RPG elements, which reduced the barriers to entry.

Neowiz has released a new film ‘Brown Dust & Puzzle’ that combines three-match puzzles in five years of mobile strategy RPG ‘Brown Dust’ service. It is true that the original original work was recognized for its gameability, but it was difficult to point out that it was difficult, but this game shows the charm of Brown Dust IP by combining simple operation.

The protagonist who participated in the Maseok Festival of the Carian Kingdom is praised as a legendary warrior even though he has no magic or natural ability. Afterwards, he meets with the Knights members and adventures.

Basically, you can raise the level along the ‘campaign’ storyline, and the rewards are provided through contents such as ‘Tower of Challenge’ and ‘Castle of Heaven’. You can also enjoy PVP through ‘Duel’, but it is not a real-time way, but you will be fighting for the pre-set deck.

It is easy to enjoy in the desired way as it adds casual (puzzle) to the strategy and collection RPG. What is unusual is that even though it is a simple puzzle game, it supports up to 1.5 times to automatic play. Depending on the user, it is a point where you can focus on hero combinations and strategy.

However, even if it is automatic play, the battle fails depending on the hero combination or ability. In particular, it is not just a game to see because it is not just a three-match method, but a damage between the characters.

It is often dissatisfied that it is difficult to find an official community, even though it is a collectible genre that has accumulated the original IP for five years and stimulates the enthusiasts. Currently, about 55 of the original heroes of more than 300 kinds of heroes appear in the game and are scheduled to be updated in the future.

In the saturated mobile MMORPG market, a unique puzzle game has been coming out one after another. Along with the puzzle game, if you don’t want to miss RPGs, strategy, or collection, it’s worth a light approach with Brown Dust and Puzzle.

Fortuna Düsseldorf: Happiness concerning the advancement procedure

From the very initial minute it might have been 0-1, coach Daniel Thioune is rightly estimated on the site of his club, Sirlord Conteh had the lead after a few seconds. Yet it ended up in a different way: We did much better with our first possibility, said Thiune about Dawid Kownacki’s management. The trainer included: We didn’t always find the very best remedies, yet we defended it brilliantly and also played out our couple of minutes effectively.

In the 17th attempt, Düsseldorf finally made it: Thanks to the 2-1 sway SC Paderborn, the Fortunes first scored 6 factors after 2 video games in their second division history. The game versus the East Westphalia would certainly not have to end with a trio for F95.

the system is in the foreground

Nevertheless, Düsseldorf continued to be stable on the defensive in the 2nd half with the 2: 1 in the back. This caused one of the greatest pleasures in the group: It was a 50:50 video game that would have gone out 2-2 in 2015. Currently we were able to keep the three factors from it. That we can deal with led excursions much better., Hoffmann. At Sky it summarized objective scorer Rouwen Hennings: Last period one still got on us, recently it didn’t take place, not today. It benefits feeling.

It was a good initial home game, stated Oberdorf. In enhancement to instructor Thioune, this is additionally really pleased, after all, Paderborn with the ball is the leading shelf in this league, they play extremely variable as well as have actually constantly given us troubles.

As a result of this, his group Thioune made it very proud. The players delivered a lot more reasons themselves. Satisfied, as an example, Tim Oberdorf, they made it terrific as a group. Felix Klaus praised the video game versus the ball against a challenger (offensive) solid for him. We needed to throw whatever in, all of us did that together.

It was a 50:50 game that would have run out 2-2 in 2014. Now we had the ability to maintain the three points.

Andre Hoffmann

Thioune looks ahead and also alerts

Train Thioune should likewise remain in a good state of mind. The 48-year-old considering that Thursday got a succeeding gift from his team someday after his birthday. Incidentally, he has just shed at residence with this in 15 video games. Regardless of the three versus ‘worry opponent Paderborn’ (just one of the previous 8 video games went to the Fortuna), Thioune warned: The six points are vital at the start of the season. Yet a whole lot is still being broadened.

Felix Klaus praised the game against the round against an opponent (offensive) strong for him. It was a great first residence video game, said Oberdorf. This led to one of the best pleasures in the team: It was a 50:50 video game that would certainly have run out 2-2 last year. By the way, he has actually just lost at home with this in 15 games. Despite the three against ‘fear opponent Paderborn’ (just one of the previous eight video games went to the Fortuna), Thioune cautioned: The 6 factors are vital at the beginning of the period.

What is Aut Trello link?

If you need more content for universal time, you are not al1. Fans often need resources to find more information about their favorite Roblox games, and there are many ways to do this. We have useful links for Aut Trello, Wiki, Discord, YouTube and Twitter.

What is the Trello link with a universal time?

Trello is an access point for Roblox games that provides a joint and transparent game planning process. You will find universal codes, tips, guidance and updates settled here on Trello boards. Find both AUT TRELLO boards from the links below:

Australia-Trenglo *
AUT-backup TRELLO *

What is a wiki link at a universal time?

Aut Wiki is a great place where you can find additional information about the game. You can find pages about characters, game skills, maps and much more. This is very useful for further acquaintance with the game. Follow the link below to view Aut Wiki:

* Australia-Vicki

What is Discord link for universal time?

There are two different Discord for AUT, one of which is the main server, and the other is the place where you will go to appeal the prohibitions on the game. The main Aut Discord is a place where players can find other fans and directly contact the game developer. Check Discord links below:

AUT-Discord *
AUT-prohibit the appeal in Discord *

What other sites are there for AUT?


There are several other sites that you can use to get more from universal time. YouTube is a great place to search for trailers of updates and demonstrations of the gameplay. Twitter is the best option for fans who need real-time updates on AUT. Check out these additional resources to pamper yourself with AUT:

Australia-YouTube *
Auto-Twitter *

Want to know more about AUT? If so, familiarize yourself with how to get Ucoins at Roblox a Universal Time (AUT)? In professional game guides.

More than 3,000 people gathered to accept the 20th anniversary event of Ragnarok

[Ragnarok Festival Moon Young-soo] More than 3,000 people have been invited to participate in the 20th anniversary offline event ‘Ragnarok Festival’.

Gravity announced on the 21st that more than 3,000 people applied for participation for 20 days after applying for a 20-year-old Ragnarok Festival from June 30 to July 20.

Participants will be guided through the website notice and individual contact on the 25th.

If you are selected as a participant, you will receive a limited edition of PC Powerful Reissue, a 50,000 won item coupon for each title, and Ragnarok Goods to commemorate the 20th anniversary. The event will invite a total of 500 people, including 300 one-person participants, 2 and 200 participants.

Choi Sung-wook, director of Gravity Business Division, said, I ended the application for participation in the event for a short period of 20 days in the midst of hot interest and enthusiasm. I will try to give us a pleasant experience for users who will be preparing for the event for the rest of the event.

Meanwhile, Ragnarok Festival, a 20-year-old Ragnarok 20th Anniversary event, will be divided into 1st Dictionary Event and Part 2 Main Program from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on July 31.

Nexon Networks, large -scale recruitment -linked internships in the second half of this year

Nexon Networks (CEO Moon Sae-Byong) is recruiting large-scale linked interns in the second half of this year.

Nexon Networks is the largest game service company in Korea, which is responsible for the operation and quality control of all games developed and published by Nexon.

The documents will be accepted on the official Nexon Networks website from 20th to August 3rd. Support is available to anyone interested in the field without age, educational background, credit, majors, and career limitations.

Nexon Networks will be interviewed with personality tests for the successful candidates for the successful candidates. Successful candidates work as an intern at the Nexon Networks Pangyo Center for six months from the end of September and are eligible to convert full-time jobs according to their evaluation.

According to the company, salary and welfare benefits paid during the internship period are the same as regular workers. Representative welfare systems include 2.5 million won welfare points per year, optional working hours, 369 rechargeable leave and in-house daycare centers.

Shin Choong-seok, head of the management support department at Nexon Networks, said, We have prepared a variety of programs so that applicants can effectively experience game QA jobs through internships. Said.

Nexon Networks, meanwhile, is in the second half of this year, including 1-2 times a year.

Sortez les cannes dans Phone call of bush: The Fishermen

Attributes ofPhone Call of the Wild: The Fishermen _.

Expansive worlds remains to offer simulations on tremendous land. With this brand-new title, nonetheless, the male will certainly seek to take the sea, however particularly his sources. Whether it’s a lake, a pond, a fish pond or also a river, whatever teems with life to uncover. Teasing the stud has never been so straightforward, but it will still be necessary to persevere to end up being a master fisherman.


A significant world opens to anglers with the Golden Ridge book to invite them. Take the time to visit this area inspired by Wyoming, or go from one fishing area to an additional by car. As well as if solitude you win while you travel among the lots of treking trails, call your good friends to accompany you. Approximately 12 fishermen can be discovered in this area to enjoy their canes.

It was time for them to transform the web page if hunting as well as its particularities fascinated expansive Worlds for years. It is as a result the angling count on enjoy the expertise of designers inTelephone call of the Wild: The Fishermen _. The game is prepared for computer on Steam, Legendary Gamings and Microsoft Store from August 31, 2022.


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