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God of War Ragnarok Leakage Shot Down by Sony Santa Monica

The recent behind the scenes videos aren’t as extensive or raw as the documentary for its predecessor, but it is still a rewarding peak behind the drape of such an enormous game. It’s unclear if Sony prepares to do any more documentaries for future video games or if it will simply choose to do general behind the scenes videos in small portions on YouTube.

The advancement of the game was also a fascinating one as it was a cross-gen PS4/PS5 game that was largely developed of throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The group behind the game even recently specified that it wasn’t specific the game was up to snuff until just a couple of months before release.

God of War Ragnarök is out now on PS4 and PS5. Do you desire to see more behind the scene documentaries? Let me know in the remarks or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Under.


Provided the very complex and often untidy nature of video game development, many individuals desire to see how the sausage is made. Sony has made a few documentaries for games like The Last of the United States and God of War that provide a transparent, honest take a look at how these video games are made over the course of a number of years. Given the distinct circumstances presented throughout the development of God of War Ragnarök, many were hoping we’d get a documentary about it. An insider by the name of Millie A on Twitter specified a feature length documentary about the video game’s advancement and the barriers of COVID-19 and the pressures of following up such a distinguished video game was on the method. Sony Santa Monica rapidly nipped this in the bud and stated this isn’t real, as the team rather decided to make shorter behind the scenes videos that launch every Tuesday and chronicle a piece of the game’s advancement.

More than 3,000 people gathered to accept the 20th anniversary event of Ragnarok

[Ragnarok Festival Moon Young-soo] More than 3,000 people have been invited to participate in the 20th anniversary offline event ‘Ragnarok Festival’.

Gravity announced on the 21st that more than 3,000 people applied for participation for 20 days after applying for a 20-year-old Ragnarok Festival from June 30 to July 20.

Participants will be guided through the website notice and individual contact on the 25th.

If you are selected as a participant, you will receive a limited edition of PC Powerful Reissue, a 50,000 won item coupon for each title, and Ragnarok Goods to commemorate the 20th anniversary. The event will invite a total of 500 people, including 300 one-person participants, 2 and 200 participants.

Choi Sung-wook, director of Gravity Business Division, said, I ended the application for participation in the event for a short period of 20 days in the midst of hot interest and enthusiasm. I will try to give us a pleasant experience for users who will be preparing for the event for the rest of the event.

Meanwhile, Ragnarok Festival, a 20-year-old Ragnarok 20th Anniversary event, will be divided into 1st Dictionary Event and Part 2 Main Program from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on July 31.

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