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Destiny 2 – Malee Wellmaker Mod, an explanation and how to get it


Modifications are the vitality of Destiny 2 assemblies, since they will literally make or break the guard. Thus, it is very important that the guards check the proposals of ADA-1 and Banshi-44 in the tower. They two have a constantly changing supply of mods that change daily; Some days are much better than others. It is worth paying attention to the Melee Wellmaker mod mod.

Destiny 2-What is a MOD MELEE Wellmaker?

Nearby well Mod was presented in season 15 and has since been part of the constantly changing inventory of ADA-1. This is a mod for four costs, in which the final blows of a powerful close-up fighter give rise to spontaneous wells corresponding to the type of energy of your subclass.

This mod works extremely well in near-battle build, and since the 18th season became the debut of the processed version of ARC 3.0, Ada-1 returned this mod in time. For heavy classes, such as titanium and warlock, using the Elemental Well assembly, this is perfect. So, for those who want to accept their inner storm and saddle lightning, equip your favorite exotic, oriented to hand-to-hand combat, and go to the city.

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Destiny 2: How to complete Sever – determination

Oh boy! History continues to warm up in Destiny 2 and Season of the Haunted. We helped the crow to cope with his injury, saw how the blockage overcame ancient grief, and now we are holding the hand of our beloved cosmic rhino, which defeats the ghost of our former idol. What a strange, stupid and wonderful game.

how to unlock Sever-Resolve in Destiny 2

Resolve is the sixth mission in the Bound In Sorrow series. The sixth week in this common chain of quests begins with a step 40:


  • Return to Eris in the crown of sorrow in the helmet.
  • Collect 500 horror residues to strengthen your Koshmara combine.
  • Complete the levels of the public event Lining the nightmares in the abandoned Leviathan and tie your remnants of horror to the nightmares collector after the end of the last level to create a bound presence.
  • Join the Empress Kayatl and go to Leviathan’s underbuilding to fight the nightmare of Gole.
  • Private gear awaits you in Helm
  • Talk to Eris in the crown of sorrow in the helmet.

sever-solve the passage

Get ready. We are going to deliver a decisive blow to Kalus and his plans for integration with the pyramid inside the moon.

  • After landing, go forward along the corridors, destroying all the pockets of reinforcements of the bondage you will face.
  • Go down the corridor and meet with a friendly reinforcement of Babala.
  • Destroy the combined forces of bondage and contempt to continue
  • Install the first ritual amplifier
  • Pass through the doorway and listen to how Caiatle speaks crazy nonsense with Gaul.
  • Instead of going forward with your allies from the bondage, go right and jump into the doorway.
  • When the trap works in the next room, look right and shoot into the blue light to open the door.
  • Pull the lever right inside the hall to open the burning corridor.
  • Turn around and shoot in blue again to leave the room.
  • Returning to the main room, make sure that the indestructible bondage is focused on you, and head in the opposite direction of the room in which you just have been.
  • Follow the corridor and jump onto the platform.
  • Pull the switch to light the hall for sacrifices and kill the indestructible.
  • Free the isolation and meet your friends from the bondage.
  • Install the banner of the rally and put Gola in place.

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Destiny 2: How to get Ember of Empyrean, Ember of Char and other fragments

With Solar 3.0 in Destiny 2, many guards play with assemblies consisting of various available abilities, aspects and fragments. However, keen guards noticed that not all fragments are available. Emmber from empires , Embers Char , Coal of ash and also ember miracles are currently not available, despite their list in fragments of Solar 3.0. Other fragments can be purchased from icore in the tower, it is very similar to how VOID 3.0 was processed when The Witch Queen was released.

In a confusing movement, Bangs announced that she would hold a competition for unlocking the remaining fragments. As soon as the guards complet the 20 million nightmare containment, the remaining fragments will be available for purchase.

Please note that each separate completion of the guards is considered one for one, so the more in each copy of the event, the better. Currently, Bungie has not made any further announcements about the progress of the task or whether it is possible to track it. Until this happens, the guards will have to stay tight.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that some old players have access to fragments. It was an unintentional mistake that Bungie decided not to correct. If you are one of those few lucky ones, enjoy playing with fragments. Let’s hope that soon everyone will get access to them.

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How to get the essence of gloom in Destiny 2

The essence of the darkness is one of several entities with which you may encounter on the moon in Destiny 2. And, as with any other entity, it also falls out of the shadowkeep campaign from it. The weapon about which is in question, it’s every moment of wakefulness gun-machine gun, weapon, not inferior to the anger of the Sayura. Although we know how to get SMG Every Waking Moment, that’s how you can get Essence of Obscurity.

Solo Dawning Essence Farm - Fast Loot and Dawning Spirit

So that this essence fell, you will have to hold the plundering of chests on the moon . Exploring the moon in Destiny 2, you will notice a few enemies with a yellow stripe wandering around the world. Win them, and then take the chest, which they dropped. You must receive Essence of Obscurity from one of these chests. If you are lucky, you can also get this essence from the chests dropping out of public events as well as lost sectors .

Keep in mind that the chance of loss of Essence of Mraka is quite low . Thus, you may need to farm the chests mentioned above, quite many times to get this essence. But as soon as you got the essence and fulfilled the entire quest once, you can simply re-get it again and execute it for the best throws every Waking Moment. You no longer need to farm essence.

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Destiny 2: Bungie knows that the dealers sell you grade groats

The developers of Bungie are always busy to fix well-known problems in the Loot Shooter Destiny 2. And one of these well-known problems is particularly annoying if guardians are looking for high-stat equipment with values ​​of 60+ (and in the right distribution) – and they are as good as always. But the problem: The dealers in Destiny 2, including the dealers in the tower such as Ada and also Xûr, currently sell only Grüd… So arms whose values ​​are all under 50.

Why that is so, the makers of Destiny 2 do not reveal. Also in the exotic section of the known problems of year 5 is noted that the exotic armor, which Sells Xûr has too low stats. Accordingly, you know as a diligent guardian now: The problem with the rolls is known and as long as nothing happens in the spot, you do not need to drive daily distributors such as Failsafe or Devrim. The armor is just once… Well… shit. By the way, you do not need to start the dealers if you use the Destiny 2 Companion App. If you have logged in to your Bungie account, you can also study the offer of all dealers on the smartph1. Below you will find other well-known problems, among other things with spotless in the trials.

More familiar mistakes of Destiny 2

The increased occurrence of error code MARMOT is also known as a problem for fans of the exams of Osiris. Because they receive no weapons or other bonuses after reaching spotless after victory. Here’s the overview of Destiny 2’s current problems (Buy 34.80 €), where bungie is crafted.

  • The TRIUMPH of the synapse fanatic can not be unlocked with some characters after you have released 25 artifact mods. Players can play as alternative characters to complete this triumph if the characters have not yet unlocked all mods. We examine a solution in the event that all characters have unlocked the mods and have not yet received the triumph.

Bungie OFFICIALLY Responds To Copy Strike Controversy! THEY ARE INNOCENT!
* The armor offered by the dealers has low stat rolls.
* These include the dealers of the tower as well as Xûr.
* We continue to examine the increased occurrence of the MARMOT error codes.
* Season 15 Scout and Season 14 Light Volk Armor Sets can not be used as ornaments if previously unlocked by armor synthesis.

  • The yellow subtitles on the PS5 platform are either not to see or do not appear anymore and are only displayed as a white text.
  • Players: Inside, which are spotless in the exams, do not receive weapons or bonuses after their victory.
  • Player: Inside, no Mementos receive in the exams of Osiris.
  • Player: Inside, there is no progress distortion for “donors of the student” RAID accompanies.
  • Some players: inside can not change their bungie name.
  • The badge “Part of us” does not appear in the collections.

An overview of the current problems with Loot Shooter Destiny 2 always ears you on the summit name mentioned above. These include bugs, which ensure that players are stuck in the Urquell under barricades. The most complete and the latest overview is in English original, but you can switch to the top right of the bungie page in German. Then the information may not be complete.

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Destiny 2: Finally sexy again! High-St. Armor from Season 16

Woeoo! The season pass from Destiny 2, hand on the heart, is not the most lucrative and most attractive season pass, which there is in the world of online shooters. What is that? As we recorded in detail, this is mainly because it is that you can not get silver over the season pass, but only gloss dust . That’s a bit sobering.

And then the developers of Destiny 2 had still decided to remove the armor druts from the season pass for year 4 – another Downner for the keepers. But at least with this valley of tears is from season 16 with the release of the witch king again: bungie donates over the season pass again high-stat arms of the season.

Armor Drops come between Rank 57 and 87

As is known, the release of Destiny 2: The witch king on 22.02.2022 ( Here you can give you an overview of the timetable for maintenance ). This starts on the evening of 22.02. Also Season 16 and you will receive as a holder of a seasonal pass between 57 and 87 again high-stat season armor. This is pleasing insofar as it may be a bit better with good armor with high attribute values. Why the Bungista restarts at the point, do not say. However, that should be mentioned, these drops make the season pass at least a little bit more attractive.

What happens with the season pass from Destiny 2?

There are still a few other adjustments that affect the drop bonuses in certain activities as well as the legendary engrams over the season pass. You can read the original in the TWab of 17.02.2022, below the translation of us.

Changes on the season pass

  • High-stage seasonal armor will be introduced again. Individual parts are awarded between the ranks 57 and 87.
  • Legendary Engrams are replaced by focused Umbral Engrams. Overall, there are five of them. Each focuses on another armor (arms, legs, chest, class and head). All Umbral Engrams are Level 2.
  • The emblem of the season pass was removed, but there is a seasonal pass sparrow.
  • The Season Pass Activities Bonuses (bonuses that increase the chances of raising and armor taxes in activities). The Waffenschnorrer bonuses are no longer separated after weapon type or activity. They are now valid for the legendary weapons of the seasonal pass as well as for all activities at once. There is then two weapon bonuses instead of six. The first bonus gives the player a little chance to get the weapons of ritual activities. The second bonus offers a greater chance. The drop chance remains unchanged compared to the previous seasons.

Best Umbral Engram Focus - Easty High Stat (60+) Armor - Destiny 2 - Season of the Lost - Override

  • The bonuses for armaments are no longer separated to ritual activities. You are now valid for all activities at once. An armor’s bonus instead of three. As with the weapon, the total bondage opportunity is unchanged for each armor.
  • Apart from the emblem, no objects from the season pass were removed, but only added.
  • A set of rewards such as shimmer and legendary splinters were summarized to provide space for armor with high stats.
  • A small number of upgrade modules has been added.
  • The order in which some rewards are acquired has been adapted to consider the abovementioned changes.

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