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Call of Duty: Next – Modern Warfare II Successor Planned for 2023

Telephone call of Obligation: Modern Warfare II is simply in his 2nd period.


Normally, shooter followers have an interest in what a call of duty will certainly follow.
When it comes to Phone call of Task 2023, there were various rumors, consisting of that a full game should additionally appear this year consisting of a campaign.
Jason Schrader von Bloomberg took up the topic and also rumors and also provided extra details or confirmed beforehand.
As necessary, the Phone Call of Duty is claimed to be a follower to the current Modern Warfare II.
Nevertheless, there will be no 3 in the name.
Call of Duty 2023 will have tickets for the multiplayer, however also its very own campaign.
This connects contemporary Warfare II.
It is established by Trey arch, yet Infinity Ward supervises or sustains the project.
As a result of the poorer performance of Telephone Call of Duty: Lead in 2021, just one development for this year was intended.
The author thought that players discover an annual publication so gradually tiring.

But after the wonderful success of Black Ops Cold, the instructions was changed to a full video game.
Modern Warfare II maps could also be adopted in the follower, as the Schrader report claims.
There are no details.
Presumably, you also consider bringing a Call of Responsibility onto the market every two years.
The rows of modern-day Warfare and also Black Ops might alternate.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain Reaches Gold Status – Guerrilla Games Confirms On Twitter

Guerrilla Games announced today’s confirmation of Golds on the VR game ‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ based on the Horizon series on its Twitter.
If there is no big problem, it will be released as a title of the PS VR2 released on February 22.

The main character of Horizon Call of the Mountain is Lies from Karma.
She retired in an unpleasant event, and she is tasked with investigating the reason why the machines attack people from the proud maraud of Karma’s king Avid and the priest Maraud.

Although he is the protagonist of Karma, the area she will investigate is not limited to Karma.
Like Alloy, Lath has to dig almost all areas, from Karma to Nora, and Value’s realms.

The video that has been released so far shows the approximate factors of Horizon Call of the Mountain.
The player manipulates Loans to climb the mountain and struggle against the various machine monsters he met in the first episode.


From Shell Walker, Hello Back, Glint Hawk, and Thunder Jo, which is a sign machine monster in the series, you have to rely on primitive weapons.

On the other hand, unlike Ale Roy, who used the focus to grasp the weaknesses of the monsters, the main character of the main character did not show the focus.

Horizon Call of the Mountain, the title of PS VR2, will be released on February 22.
It supports Korean, and you can make a reservation for 69,800 won through the PlayStation Store.

All tasks of the Legion faction in the demilitarized zone

In the new game mode, DMZ Call of Duty: War zone has three fractions for which the player can work: legion, white lotus and black mouse. Each of these fractions has several sets of missions distributed at different levels. You can complete these tasks to earn XP and rewards. Here is a list of the Legion fraction missions available in the demilitarized zone.


Table of contents

Legion Tier 1 faction missions

Legion Tier 2 faction missions

Legion faction missions, level 3

Mission of the Legion Tier 1 faction

Mission of the Legion Tier 2 faction

Mission Legion factions, level 3

We will update this leadership by adding information about the remaining missions of the Legion faction as new levels are opened in the demilitarized zone.

Stay with us in professional games guides to learn more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2. In the meantime, read our article about the best equipment of BAS-P and hanging equipment in Modern Warfare 2.

Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 released on the 17th

Call of Duty series’s next-generation free Battle Royal Game, Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 is released on the 17th, inviting the player to the thrilling action in the completely new Al March. War zone 2.0 offers a variety of gameplay through DMZ mode and other elements.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 2022 also celebrated its first season and added a new multiplayer battlefield and additional missions for the Special Ops.

War zone 2.0 shows a completely new experience named DMZ. In the DMZ, where the survival competition based on the narrative is based on the open world, the player’s operator squad fights to survive with the goal of escaping, completing the mission given as a camp, or performing an additional goal. You can freely choose and enjoy everything, such as engaging with an operator or artificial intelligence combatant, or a search war to get valuable items.

Gulag, which provides a chance to resurrect, is reorganized into a 2: 2 game that must be cooperated to overcome the opponent with two randomly paired people together. In addition, the artificial intelligence combatant (Jailer) will appear to be quick to the tempo of the battle during the confrontation. If you defeat the guards, all four will be resurrected, so whether four people will cooperate together to overpower the powerful guards, or will win the victory first by focusing on removing the other person.

The change in the third person player is a fundamental deformation of the basic framework of War zone Battle Royale, and it provides freshness that can be made of some new gameplay and visible tactics accordingly. The third-person playlist will be introduced into the Battle Royal Week rotation that comes during the season 01. Players who have purchased Modern Warfare II 2022 can also enjoy a third-person view on multiplayer.

In addition, War zone 2.0 is a custom loadout that can use more powerful firepower, a for body and a black site that can overpower artificial intelligence combatants and get valuable rewards Circle collapses that appear as a crisis, close-up in close distances, and close-ups that can be used as an opportunity, large helicopter (Heavy Chopper) and GMC Hummer EV pickup trucks Various new elements, such as the various vehicle equipment that can be made, and the possibility of underwater combat that can be swimmer by the waterway, the river, and the large sea, or by boat, and search and explore, the players have never been before. Provide it.

Modern Warfare II 2022 Season 01 also starts today, providing players with energetic battle. First, multiplayer is newly trimmed by the 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare®, which was the most popular shooting range and the SHIPMENT battlefield. These two places are notorious for their dynamics, which are the same as the holy place for players who enjoy the stomach.

New tasks will also be made in the Spectral Cooperation Exhibition. In the High Ground mission, players must successfully find and destroy enemy communication servers and secure storage with important information. If one person controls the attack helicopter and eliminates dangerous mines, the rest of the operator will be tightened to attack with an AI fighter. In addition, during the season, Raid comes to the story of the Modern Warfare II 2022 campaign. It is expected to be the ultimate test for assessing the skills of the player squad by combining hidden, full-scale war, and puzzle grass.

Various equipment, content and events are also abundant. The Battle Pass system, which has been transformed into a nonlinear multiple sector, can unlock more than 100 abundant item compensation, including functional weapons and six new operators that were available in the campaign, according to each player desired.

Callop Bangguard sluggish, active Blizzard 3Q operating profit 41% ↓

Activity Blizzard recorded lower sales and operating profit in the third quarter of this year. Blizzard sales increased due to the launch of Diablo Immortal China, but active sales decreased due to the sluggish Call of Duty: Vanguard. Diablo Immortal was promoted, but he could not fill the gap with Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Activity Blizzard announced on the 7th (based on local) and its 3rd quarter of its 2022. In this quarter, Activity Blizzard recorded sales of $1.78 billion (about 2.47 trillion won) and operating profit of $485 million (about 672.3 billion won). This is a 13.9% decrease in sales and 41.1% of operating profit from the same period last year.

In terms of company results, Activision was lower than the same period last year, while Blizzard and King’s sales increased slightly. First, active sales decreased by 25.1% and operating profit by 37.3%, while MAU (monthly active user) decreased 18.5% from the same period last year. In response, Active’s former Blizzard cited Call of Duty: Vanguard, and the new film ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022’, which was released on October 28, recorded the highest sales of $1 billion in the series. It is expected that rebound will be possible in the fourth quarter.

Blizzard then sales increased 10.1% from the same period last year, and MAU also increased 19.2% to 31 million. In the case of sales, Diablo Immortal has led sales. Activision Blizzard also explained that Diablo Immortal, which was released in China in July, is the main factor in sales. In addition, since the title was released in June, it is also a time when sales are reflected in the third quarter of this year.


Specifically, sales by game were not disclosed, but Blizzard’s third-quarter sales increased $50 million from the same period last year. In addition, Overwatch 2 is released in the fourth quarter, and in the third quarter, there was no major new work that could increase sales in addition to Diablo Immortal.

However, Blizzard operating profit fell 11.7% from the same period last year. In response, the Active Former Blizzard explained that the increase in marketing costs was affected. On September 28 and October 5, World of Warcraft: Rich King’s Rage Classic and Overwatch 2 were released, reflecting the relevant costs.

Blizzard will launch World of Warcraft’s new expansion packs on the 29th, and Warcraft-based mobile ‘Warcraft: Alight Rumble’ is undergoing a local test. In addition, it is focusing on the development of Diablo 4, which will be released next year.

In addition, Blizzard said in January next year that a local publishing license agreement with a Chinese partner will be terminated. Although it was not announced what the game was, it was not a Diablo Immortal, and the contract size was 3% of the sales of Blizzard connections last year. In response to this, the active Blizzard explained that it is discussing the contract renewal, but it may not be a satisfactory deal with each other, and that the company’s business will grow significantly in the long term in the Chinese market.

Finally, King’s sales increased 6.1% and operating profit decreased by 2%. MAU also decreased by 2% to 240 million. King explained that his masterpiece, Candy Crush, is still a good advantage, and is making a name for a game that has achieved the highest sales in the Apple App Store for the first time in a row. In addition, he added that it has achieved advertising revenue in the game similar to the same period last year.

PlayStation 5: Sony is supposed to take control of the takeover of Cyberpunk 2077 Workshop


A very daring rumor on the Net is currently flowing.
Appropriately, Sony intends to take control of CD Project Red, the developers of The Witcher as well as Cyberpunk 2077.
Nonetheless, this case needs to be delighted in with terrific care, because the claimed expert had actually currently claimed that Sony must have an interest in a purchase of Square Enix, Cap com, Embrace and also Ubisoft.
To do this, we would love to ask you all again to send us your information tips utilizing the call kind as well as not to post them in the remarks.

Call of Duty War Zone 2.0 launch in November! Tarkov style mode DMZ also appears

Activision Blizzard is the information public event Call of Duty: Next in the CALL OF DUTY series, and the basic play free battle royal game Call of Duty Wear Zone 2.0 ( Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 ) announced that the launch date of local time will be November 16th.

Along with the launch day announcement, a new map Al March, which has introduced many new innovations, will be unveiled, using new technologies shared with Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. This map plays a major role in the Modern Warfare 2 universe, featuring it in the campaign and is an important part of the event after that. The official blog also introduces each area, so if you are worried, check it out.


In addition, the Markov style mode DMZ , which has been rumored for a long time, is also officially announced. In this mode, which is a completely new sandbox experience, players set their own victory conditions, infiltrate the Al March map, achieve their goals, and aim to escape. There are AIs and other players on the map, and it is free to fight or avoid them. In addition, it seems that you can enjoy various ways to collect gears that can be used in War zone 2.0, follow the world activities, and explore the secrets of Al March.

The DMZ mode is launched on November 16, like War zone 2.0 and can be played for free.

Rumor: Telephone Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Claim versus Activision Blizzard : Versus Phone Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Blizzard, a suit for discrimination, sexual offense as well as poor working conditions is presently underway. All details about the accusations from a couple of weeks ago you can find whatever concerning the more recent rumor regarding chief executive officer Bobby Kotick here. You can discover a comment from warfare editor-in-chief Rae Grimm when it come to our reporting on the topic.

But on social networks, CoD-insider Theghostofhope now sustained the hope that the Activision team has actually altered its point of view as well as perhaps a remaster can be a third modern warfare part in the pipe.

To let down numerous fans, Phone call of Duty-Publisher Activision announced last year that there would be no remaster of Phone call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at the time. Because CoD 4: Modern Warfare and CoD: Modern Warfare 2 had actually currently been launched, it would certainly have been logical if the 3rd component would have obtained a remaster.

COD Modern Warfare 3 need to currently be completed

As the Theghostofhope discloses, he is said to have asked among his resources whether a COD Modern Warfare 3 Remaster would certainly ever before see the light of day. His resource responded that in contrast to the last records, such a remaster variation need to in fact exist:


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Rather, The game needs to even be totally developed and also only await the correct time to be published.

You can see what the brand-new Cod Modern Warfare 2 appears like in the following trailer:

We will most likely have to be patient until 2023 till it is announced if the title in fact exists. Since this year Call of Obligation: Modern Warfare 2 for PS as well as Xbox consoles and also obviously additionally for PC will certainly be launched on October 28, 2022. All information regarding the upcoming beta can be located in the following warfare write-ups.

** What is the statement? It first has to transform out whether his insurance claims are real as well as his confidential resource maintains it. Since Activision just said a year ago that no remaster ought to exist for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, we need to enjoy his statements with caution.

What do you think about the rumor to the claimed Phone call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Remaster?

Since this year Call of Obligation: Modern Warfare 2 for PS as well as Xbox consoles and of training course likewise for Computer will be launched on October 28, 2022.

Since Activision just said a year ago that no remaster must exist for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, we need to appreciate his declarations with caution.

Lawsuit against Activision Blizzard : Versus Telephone Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Snowstorm, a claim for discrimination, sexual assault as well as poor working problems is presently underway. All info concerning the claims from a couple of weeks ago you can find everything about the newer rumor regarding CEO Bobby Kotick below. You can discover a comment from warfare editor-in-chief Rae Grimm with regard to our reporting on the subject.

Beste SMGs in Telephone Call of Task Warzone

Phone call of Duty-Avantgarde is currently available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One as well as Series consoles and also computer. Warzone is also outdoors and also can be bet totally free on the very same consoles.

the very best SMGs that can now be used in Cod Warzone.

It was currently a beast in Lead, and also with the higher TTK in Warzone, just a couple of adjustments have to be made so that this work animal SMG is a top-class CQC tool.

Given that these are SMGs and also as you will see later on in this list, these tools are simply quicker overall. They sacrifice array and in some cases damage to good wheelchair.



MP5 (Modern War and also Black Ops Cold War).

If you prefer melee fights because it is simpler to land also shots as opposed to precise long shots, you are most likely a shotgun or SMG customer. If you wish to obtain the most effective out of your gameplay up close, you ought to have a look at the currently ideal SMGs in Call of Duty Warzone

Waffen Battle 43.

This fast-firing SMG from Lead is a pressure that you have to count on. In any case, the Marco 5 is one of these functional SMGs, which beams with recoil when shooting and also targeting.

These tools are currently rather solid on their base, as well as with the ideal essays they can conveniently come to be a leading course due to the fact that they can boost their already strong elements of them.

While this weapon is especially defined by fights at medium range, it is still a pressure package of a tool. With the best attachments, the H4 can get extra firepower and also flexibility.

H4 Blixen.

This fast-firing SMG from Vanguard is a force that you have to count on. It is one of these cannons that we would certainly classify as a bullet tube entirely since of their extremely high fire price, which competes with those of the PPSH-41 and also TEC-9.

Markus 5.

It appears that a great variety of weapons from Lead in Warzone are rather solid. While it is up to all the attachments that you can affix or on your easy recoil patterns, there seems to be a pattern below. All the same, the Marco 5 is one of these flexible SMGs, which shines with recoil when targeting and firing.

This was the all-rounder SMG in the two previous cod games. As a guideline, conventional weapons that you can make use of with a brand-new account are much more reputable and also more customizable than the later tools.

This was the all-rounder SMG in both previous cod video games. They were both great in the near and also center variety with consistent recoil and also fatia. As a rule, conventional weapons that you can utilize with a new account are much more trustworthy and a lot more adjustable than the later tools.

This is the Vanguard equivalent of the MP5, yet it has an advantage over its above equivalents. Given that this uses more adjustment options contrasted to the other, this has the possible to be a much more functional weapon. It was currently a monster in Lead, and also with the higher TTK in Warzone, just a couple of adjustments have actually to be made so that this job animal SMG is a top-class CQC tool.

Days for the Beta of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and also new event concerning the future of the legend

Those are the days corresponding to the very first weekend, however there will be another one where users of other systems are included. This way, on September 22 as well as 23 there will certainly be another early accessibility for those who have likewise scheduled it on computer as well as Xbox, and also from 24 to 26 of the very same month We will have another open beta of the shooter.

Those who hope with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have a consultation before their launch. A couple of days ago we cautioned you that there would be information this weekend break on the event of the Call of Duty League celebration, as well as because Infinity Ward have actually not wished to miss their word.

The beta starts in mid-September The research has confirmed the days that were reported to join the Multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2. This will certainly have a very early accessibility on September 16 and 17 for PlayStation 4 and also PlayStation 5 individuals that have scheduled the title, in enhancement to a cost-free open beta on the exact same platforms from September 18 to 20 .

Web content of the beta as well as brand-new occasion

It ought to be cleared up that Xbox One and also Xbox Collection X | S players will need a registration to the Xbox Live Gold service to take pleasure in the Call of Duty multiplayer beta: Modern Warfare 2, however PlayStation customers will not require a Registration to PS And also As component of the Promotion Arrangement of the Activision franchise with Sony.

There will be a new Cod occasion on September 15 What can we get out of the beta of the Call of Duty multiplayer? Infinity Ward tells us that there will certainly be a selection of maps of different sizes , as well as various methods, development experiences and also even more extras. Among the validated places is Marina Bay Grand Prix, a map set in the Automobilism Singapore Grand Prix and also which you can see listed below:


We will certainly recognize the material of this beta in a brand-new event called Call of Duty: Following that will happen on September 15 which, along with leaving details concerning Modern Warfare 2, assures to inform us info about the prompt future of The saga.

Undoubtedly let’s recognize even more about Warzone 2.0 as well as the plans that Activision has in hands with the following deliveries, for which it prepares extra repayment material. As for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, keep in mind that on October 28, 2022 ** goes on sale on computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection X | s.

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