The big players who have managed to certify their presence in the 2022 Worlds are prepared by the start of the League of Legends World Championship. However, among the long training sessions both as a team and in qualifying items there is time for some moments to be shared with the community. As usual, one of the most active players in communicating with fans has been Janos , who during a live broadcast decided to risk creating a tender list in which he ordered all the teams that will participate in the Great seasonal tournament.


Janos predictions for the Worlds 2022

In his last streaming, Janos ordered the power of him to the 24 teams participants in the Worlds. A list in which he has not been particularly kind to the hopes of European fans. According to his opinion, Rogue would be the best set of LEC and would be located in sixth place, while G2 Esports would go down to the ninth position. It is not that Janos thinks they are worse, but he believes he does not deserve anymore after having lost the last final by zero maps to three. If you have to climb on the Tier List, it will be demonstrating it in the World Cup itself.

As for the teams from the rest of the world, the readings are quite interesting. G2 eSports jungle places gen.g , top eSports and JD Gaming as the three great favorites to get the title. Something behind, although still with options, they would be T1 and Edward Gaming . As for the historic pique between Europe and North America, those of the old continent would confirm their dominance over enemies. Of course, the player thinks that the Legends of Na is a step closer this year and that the memes could be about to finish.

Even when the Tier list of equipment is made by professionals, they must be taken as what they are: a founded prediction that can change from one moment to another. For example, Fun plus Phoenix was one of the top favorites last year, but the problems before the Worlds destabilized the template. Something similar happened with the unfortunate case of Upset, who had to absent from the tournament for extra-sports reasons of maximum importance. Unfortunately, unforeseen events occur, and it is something that this type of pool can never measure.