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“Cuphead” subject of “The Cup Head Show!” Netflix All World Exclusive Delivery Start-“Cup Head” is Hanan Natsuki, “Magman” is in charge of Kenhisa Ono

“Cuphead” subject “ The Cup Head Show! ” has started all worldwide exclusive delivery on Netflix. At the same time, the voice actor in charge is also revealed.

“Cuphead” is a royal road scroll action game centered on Boss Battle. Get stunning from Cartoon in the 1930s and is created with faithfully reproduce the technology of that time. Its animated “The Cup Head Show!” Is said to be a classic animation style in the 1930s as well as the game.

In the Japanese version, “Voice actor Han’an Natsuma and Ono Kisei’s” Cuphead “limit live play!” The familiar Hanji Yoshiki is clear that “Cup Head” and Kisei Ono are in charge of “Magman” became.

# # Voice actor information

  • Han’an Natsuki / Cup Head

  • Kenbe Ono / Magman

  • Horiuchi Kenji / Devil

  • Nakai Kazuya / King Dice

  • Takagome Katsu-san / Kettle

  • Sakura Sakai / Miss Charis

In addition, “Voice actor Han’an Natsuki and Kenba Kenji” “Cuphead” limit live play! “Is delivered in Youtube at all seven times.

FFXIV server problems How to fix error 3001 Gordon Bicker

Final Fantasy XIV is now located in the early-access phase of the long-awaited extension end walker. The Final Fantasy XIV community has gained itself in all the new ones what the game has to offer. Both new and old players trains their way through the quests and rise in the level as they enjoy the great atmosphere that has always had the experience. However, some players had problems with an error code 3001 when they tried to join a world. In this guide article, you will learn how to use the Final Fantasy XIV Error 3001 and what the error is actually.

What is the error 3001?

The mistake itself refers to a (most likely) server-side problem that often occurs when many players tries to join the world. The server is overloaded and / or has problems with the servers. In return, an error code is triggered and one of them is the ‘Error 3001’ and you as a player can not join the world due to this error code. Some players have also reported that it only happens to one of their characters and not several.

However, there are common fixes that you can provide for your platform. The following fix in this article will certainly help you to solve the problem hopefully for you, and you can reinstate the world and start with the levels of your characters.

Addressing the

How to fix the Final Fantasy XIV error 3001

To fix the error, first try changing the worlds because this has fixed the problem for specific players. If this does not seem to work, try changing between data centers back and forth, and there is the possibility that you immerse yourself in a world. In addition, a restart of the game or platform may also be beneficial to ensure that it is definitely a server-side problem.

These methods should prevent the error from occurring, and they can collect all their valuable ribs and experience the update with all others. As with all the mistakes, the developer team most likely works to fix them as soon as they occur, especially in mistakes that the players prevent them from being advanced with the game and actually join the world to play it.

FINAL FANTASY XIV is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.

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