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EBay classifieds: Attention! “Delivery service”

On eBay classifieds there is a new fraud mesh. Consumers should take care of dizons.

Dortmund – always heard again from nies dizers on the sales portal eBay classifieds. Now even the company even warns about a data fraud by alleged “delivery service” SMS.

eBay Classifieds: “Delivery Service” -SMS – Users tapping in fraudulent trap

With this data fraud users of the sales portal eBay classifieds are asked to use a “eBay classified announcement”. The swindlers send their victims to an external link via SMS or Messenger service. There, users should then specify their payment data directly. But this curious delivery service does not exist as the company itself warns of Instagram.

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Instead, the scammers are merely to reach personal payment information. A user has already experienced the stitch and commented on “Since someone wanted to buy a table, wrote me about WhatsApp and I could send the table but by eBay classifieds, with the delivery service” it says.

eBay classifieds warns before “delivery service” SMS: This is how users can protect themselves

But before such scammers you can easily protect yourself according to the company. In order to tap in no trap, the company also advises from several typical errors. So users should not follow links sent by other users (more digital news at service).

The mobile number could also be removed from the profile when messages are undesirable via external messenger such as WhatsApp. Payment information to third parties is also a NO-GO, because that can quickly be dangerous.

eBay Classifieds: “Delivery Service” -SMS – How User Can Report Scammers

Who has contact to users who behave inappropriate, can report them additionally. In every first e-mail you get from a prospective partner, a direct link should be included for the reporting of spam or the like, it says on the website. But beware is offered, because by some ads you can also make yourself punishable.

Who is victims of fraud, can log in with his profile and block the conversation under news. This automatically deletes all messages from this user and it can not contact this person again by e-mail to this ad.

Category list picture: © Screenshot eBay classifieds

Rennbodler Ludwig wins first German Olympia

At the finish of his dreams, Rodel-Olympic champion Sank John Ludwig overjoyed on his knees and kissed the top podium at the longest ice channel in the world. In four sovereign runs, the 35-year-old Thuringian raced the first German gold medal of Beijing’s winter games and crowned his long career. National coach Norbert Hoch took his beanie took his cap and bowed in front of his protégé: “Hansi I know since youth age, combining me with the dad also a lot. How he has retrieved his performance on the Zenit, which moved me deeply.”

Even the Olympic champion was overjoyed and struggled with tears. “At the moment it feels good. Otherwise, the pressure in sledding always comes from the front, now he comes from the neck of the heavy medal,” said Ludwig. “I’m pretty happy that I’m always on the ball. I have not been able to qualify for Olympia for many years, never lost the joy. Now I say: rightly!”

Hole ungrateful fourth

At 0.160 seconds, Ludwig distanced at the end of Austria ex-world champion Wolfgang Kindl, third was the Italian Dominik Fischnaller. The three-time Olympic champion Felix Hoch remained only the thankable fourth place. “Of course you annoy yourself, but it was fit to the season. In the end I have to be glad that I was at all after my coronain fiction,” Hell said. “Fourth is bitter, but one must become fourth.”

For Ludwig hole had a lot of praise, was also the first gratulant after the destination passage. “I’m really looking forward to the Hansi. He fought huge, he deserves that. Hat off! He pulled the class.” The third German Max Langenenhan occupied a respectable sixth place and was already looking forward to the gold party: “There is a bit of Corona, but when we are on the accommodation, then it will forget. Hopefully there are a few beers, otherwise we’ll come across with cola on or water. “

Ludwig joins themselves in the great of the tobogganing

Gold Kiss: John Ludwig. imago images

Ludwig – in Pyeongchang 2018 already decorated with team gold and single bronze – ranked with the triumph in the very large of the toboggan sports. The name of the oldest participant in the race is now in a statistic with Georg Hackl, Armin Zöggeler and Felix Hole. It was the eleventh single gold of a German rodler in the Olympic History.

“That’s a great feeling, we have counted with a medal, but not necessarily with gold. I hope that that was an initial firing for the whole team,” said the DOSB President Thomas, which was rooted in the mountains north of Beijing, Weikert.

Promoted own train record

With 0.113 seconds, Ludwig had gone into the big final in the fourth and last passage at the 1583 meters longest path in the world. In the third round, the Oberhofer had pressed his own rail record with a constant and sovereign journey again to 57.043 seconds. There could not even be the day’s tough competitor Kindl.

The execution officer managed his masterpiece – and that’s just on the Pyeongchang sledge. “The basic system is adapted to the respective tracks,” explained Ludwig. “With the successes he successfully won self-confidence. There are several building blocks that come together with him and enable these results,” said his exercise bike Jan Eichhorn.

Koala, chocolate, sailing

In addition to the sledge, Ludwig had a very important new friend in the Beijing luggage. His family put him a Koala – the symbolizing the necessary relaxation according to Ludwig to focus on the crucial moments. That worked best in the Sliding Center of Yanqing.

In all planning, tension and all ambition, Ludwig is also a pleasure man. The Thuringian likes to attack a piece of chocolate, “preferably with nut or marzipan”. As soon as it becomes warmer again, Ludwig is likely to devote sailing to his great passion and for the first time as Olympic champion go to the water. He would be so to speak at eye level with his Idol Jochen Schümann, whom he would like to meet.

And now?

How and whether it continues in the ice channel for Ludwig is still open. Of course, Olympia would always be a nice completion of the career. But there is also the home World Cup 2023 in Oberhof. “Hoping that spectators are allowed again. But even if I were not sporting, I would certainly participate in other functions at this World Cup,” said Ludwig. As an Olympic champion, a task is likely to find a task on the ice channel in the Thuringian forest.

Winter Olympics 2022 Luge | Johannes Ludwig, Gold Medal Winner of Germany
Medal mirror

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