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World of Warcraft makes fans of change have been asking since 2008

Blizzard Entertainment has made an important change in the world of Warcraft_ ‘s ira of King Lich, and it is one that fans have been asking since the expansion was launched for the first time. The achievement “Hard blow school” has been a thorn on the side of the players since 2008. Completing the achievement has been a requirement to complete the achievement of children’s week “for children.” The change was made as part of a review released on May 4, and should provide a lot of relief to players who have been fighting with this achievement over the years.

A small list of patch notes from Warcraft_ world the official website can be found below:

dungeons and raids

Sepulcher of the first *
Anduin Wrynn
* The time that players take to be susceptible to blasphemy increased after returning to their body.
Pain Theater
* Enemies that are not bosses
* A problem was corrected that caused the demoralization and dominant presence of the old captain to increase the damage received when the players loved him.


* World events
* The “hard blow school” is no longer necessary for the achievement of children’s week “for children.”

Asmongold BLOWN AWAY By Blizzard BEST Game Ever Reveal | Warcraft Mobile

Blizzard may have taken a long time to make this change, but it is good to see that the company finally listened to those who had been asking. On Twitter, fans have been asking that the requirement be eliminated every May, when the child’s week arrives. Fans have tried to beg, plead, and even bribe Blizzard to eliminate the requirement. It is surprising to look back on Twitter and see so many people crying out for this change, and it is difficult to exaggerate how relieved the players must be.

Children’s Week came to an end today, so we hope that May 4 review has been a more pleasant experience! The achievement School of Hard Knocks prevented many players from obtaining the Violet Proto-Drake, but it seems that it was a little easier to achieve thanks to the change.

Are you happy that Blizzard has finally listened to fans in this case? Did the achievement of School of Hard Knocks caused you stress? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter at @MARCDACHAMP to talk about everything related to games!

Mexico: 14 arrests after Krawallen in Queretaro

Horror en el fútbol mexicano: brutal violencia entre hinchas de Querétaro y Atlas
The Mexican police have made 14 preliminary arrests after the heavy riots in the night of Sunday in Queretaro. The identified authorities announced on Tuesday. A total of 26 people had been injured in the rims.

The 14 arrested stands under the suspicion of the tried manslaughter, violence with a sports event and criminal activities. In the first division game between Queretaro and Atlas, it had come to the fierce conflicts, three of the injured were in “critical condition”.

The National Football Association also ordered that Queretaro has to change all home games without viewers for one year. The club must also pay a fine of 1.5 million pesos (about 64,500 euros), the encounter is scored with 0: 3.

The World Association FIFA had written in an opinion, one is “shocked by this tragic incident”. FIFA will support the Mexican Association in the work-up: “It is absolutely no place for violence in football.”

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The Mexican daily El Universal had written from the “Blackest Day in the History of Mexican Football”. Five policemen were temporarily suspended by the service, as well as the contract with the private security service in the stadium with immediate effect canceled.

Quadruple Tournament But no viewers in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen

The four-headed tour of the ski jumpers starting on Tuesday will now take place for the second time in a row completely without viewers. Like Austria’s Ski Association (OSV) announced on Thursday, no fans are admitted to jumping in Innsbruck (January 4th) and Bishopshofen (January 6) and the respective qualifications.

History of ESPN on ABC

Last week, the organizers of the two stations in Austria were still planned with 4000 (Innsbruck) and 3500 spectators (Bischofshofen) and started ticket sales.

The German competitions in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen had already excluded viewers.

We regret this decision for the fans and assets, but want to support the government in their efforts in the best possible way, said OSV President Rosetta Shallower.

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