French indieveropper nova quark officially released the SCI-FI MMORPG Dual Universe on September 27 and released the trailer.

This game is a large-scale online multiplayer work that develops in the universe of the future from a third-person perspective or first-person perspective.

Activities in one world that all players can make


Players aim to build a new world on a new planet as a person who wakes up from cold sleep 10,000 years after the earth was destroyed by a claw of neutral stars.

The most important feature of this work is that all players share the only world where they can freely work in various fields. Players are owned by spacecraft, space stations, outpost on planets, and one city or other players. Mine raw materials as their own territory of any planet in the universe area, make equipment, produce a large amount of products, make goods in purchasing trading only between players, form a faction unique to players. It is possible to participate in large-scale battles with hundreds of spaceships.

Free trial version without restrictions on play is also being distributed

A free trial version that has started prior to the delivery of the product version is currently being distributed. In this free trial version, there is a reset with a server different from the product version and a regular deletion of all data, and what can be done is unlimited as the product version. It is a specification that speeds up the game play cycle such as cheap items, so that you can experience what kind of work it is. It can be downloaded from the Steam store page as in the product version.

Dual UNIVERSE, which was released six years after the Kickstarter success in 2016, is being distributed on Steam for PC for PC.