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Fallout 76: five years Roadmap in planning

Despite the bumpy start in 2018, Bethesda always stuck to Fallout 76. One heard the feedback from the fans, brought many improvements into the role-playing game and ensures regular seasons and events that there is always something in Appalachia.

And one end does not appear in sight. For how Design Director Mark Tucker revealed in an interview, he himself work on a 5-year roadmap.

The further you look at the roadmap, the most blurred will be, because you would constantly adapt things, even with regard to what the players want.

“The funny thing is when I could show you what stands on this other monitor here would like to see it, because it’s a five-year plan I work. We have long-term plans, and things will be a little blur, the farther we go, because we adapt them, depending on what appears and we see what the players want and what they do. “

“The message to our players is: There is no reason to believe that we will not update the game further. We do a lot to make sure we can continue to update the game over a long period of time. We have a lot of funny, cool things, of which I can not wait to tell people. Things going beyond this year. “

FALLOUT 76 | Bethesda's 5 YEAR Roadmap + New Expeditions Info & More!
Recently, the developer showed what players in Patch 34 and in Season 8 may expect Fallout 76.

Milan makes title fight exciting

A double pack of the French Football World Champion Olivier Giroud has increased the title opportunities of the AC Milan in Italian Serie A suddenly. The 34-year-old decided on Saturday the City Derby in defending champion Inter Milan by his two hits in the final phase (75./78.) After the host who continued without the injured national player Robin Gosens hosted by the former Bundesliga striker Ivan Perisic (38. ) Gone to the lead.

“The bite of the devil: Milan sunk Master Inter and keeps the race open around the Scudetto. A young team without stars compensates for their shortcomings with heart and character,” commented on the “Gazzetta dello Zlatan Ibrahimovic” in allusion to Milan’s frequent title as “Diavolo” (Devil).

Inter went against the local rivals for the first time after 15 games in the series A without defeat as loser from the square. In the table, the Rossoneri, who did not have to do away from the superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had to use the superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but on a counter to defending champion Interest. Okay with Milan is the SSC Naples after his 2-0 (0: 0) at the FC Venice on the second place, so that the title race suddenly has become a three-fight again.

Zakaria meets Juve debut

The gazetten praised the performance of Giroud, who brought the turnaround in the encounter with his double pack. “Giroud on Ibrahimovic level: He finds the solution for a match in three minutes and 50 seconds, which could have been bad for AC Milan. The three points of the win keep Milan on Scudetto Course,” commented on the “Corriere dello Zlatan Ibrahimovic”. “Three shots on the goal and two hits: Milan rises in the end of a difficult duel from which nothing eman,” the Corriere Della Sera “judged.

Olivier Giroud wins the derby! | Inter 1-2 AC Milan | Highlights Serie A
Gosens after his change in the winter transfer period of Atalanta Bergamo in the Lombardy for his new employer again not to the debut. The 27-year-old laboratory laughed at a muscle injury in the thigh since last September.

Unlike Gosens, Rekordmeister Juventus Turin celebrated the former Mönchengladbacher Bundesliga-Profi Denis Zakaria and 70-million-access Dusan Vlahovic already trauma contents: at the 2-0 (1: 0) success of the “old lady” against Hellas Verona traffed Vlahovic Leadership (13.), marriage Zakaria sealed the success. Turin, at least provisionally, moved past Atalanta Bergamo to the fourth Champions League Square.

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