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The Samurai Video Game Trek to Yomi puts date to your journey motivated by Kurosawa with a gameplay

As we have already said, the title of Flying Wild Hog will be offered at Xbox Game Pass from day 1 . From 3DGOGOS we are already expectantly before its launch, due to the fact that in our impressions of Trek to Yomi, we commented that it is a candidate to be one of the video clip games that far better manage to honor the heritage of Akira Kurosawa .

Trek to Yomi | Extended Gameplay Video
Trek to Yomi has increased as one of those adventures to take into account, specifically for those gamers that take pleasure in the Kurosawa Samurai Film . While the moms and dads of Shadow Warrior currently had our interest with their black as well as white trailers, they have played the enigma as to their launch day **, scheduled for some minute of this very same 2022.

Trek to Yomi will certainly introduce following May 5 Currently, Flying Wild Hog and return electronic have actually disclosed the expected date to delight in Trek to Yomi on Computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. APPEAR May 5 In the calendar, because it is the day in which this experience of Samurai lands on the systems discussed and also on Xbox Game Pass. Not delighted with this, those in charge of this work have likewise desired to commemorate the information with a brand-new Gameplay **.

As you can see at the start of this news, the video reveals us kinematics, fights and also tense scenes in even more than 15 minutes . As well as, as you can picture, there is no lack of specific implementations of opponents and small brushstrokes of a tale concerning honor, the tragedy and the obligation of a samurai . All this, naturally, with a feel that advises us of Kurosawa’s characteristic cinematographic design.

Payo welfare solution, introducing companies exceeded 1,500

Payco ‘enterprise welfare solution is riding steep growth.

NHN Phako said it announced that he exceeded 1,500 companies that introduced Phako welfare solutions such as Phako, Gift Certificate, and Welfare Points.

NHN Phako has combined Payer’s billing business infrastructure and platform operation know-how to develop a corporate welfare solution business. Employees are paid through the Pacific app and easily use the meals, vouchers, and welfare points, and can be used for a variety of uses, and enterprises can reduce the cost and time in welfare related tasks, and the solution satisfaction is high on both sides.

Corporate Welfare: Where’s the Outrage? – A Personal Exploration by Johan Norberg - Full Video

In the actual 2021, a maximum of 75% of employees at the investigation of customers’ welfare demand at the time of Chuseok at the time of Chuseok, has filed a “Payo Point Gift Certificate” as a holiday gift certificate. It is analyzed that the high-versatility of Payo points, such as the restricted voucher, such as a department store gift certificate, is a popular background. Daewoong Group, Nexon Company, Neowiz Group, and the Sugar Welfare Sudan, and the number of ‘Paco Welfare Point’ customers in the last year was 6 times a year.

Compatibility to introducing ‘Paiko Fine Stars’, mobile mine ticket service is steadily increasing. Currently, 90,000 workers in Netmarble, NCsoft, Doosan Group, and Korean banks are using ‘Payo Fine Rights’. After Corona Pan Demam, ‘Phako’s mine ticket’ is a delivery app, a side dish shopping mall, using Phako Online payment merchants, providing additional flight tickets optimized for telecommuting environments and expanding our customers.

Pacho welfare solutions are characterized by service scalability and convenience. Enterprises can flexibly change, expand, and employees can enjoy a wide range of welfare benefits from the Payco platform. High security is also advantageous for negative payment and prevention of personal information leakage. NHN Phako has established the Payer system in its own Internet data center (IDC) to manage infrastructure security, and encrypt all billing information and employee information safely.

NHN Phako said, “We have been able to comply with our customers to secure a customer,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he was able to acquire a customer with more than 1,500 companies in Korea. ” As a result, it will expand the position of Phako as a closer to the workplace. “

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