It was yesterday the great oral time for UFL, who after a large Flex session at the last Gamescom shows which wood he warms up. For the record, the game presents itself as the answer free-to-play at Mastodon FIFA, a simulation thought “par players, for the players“, Dixit.

The communication plan seems in any case already well-honed, far from the torments of a certain efootball, with the premium the support of the Idol Cristiano Ronaldo as an ambassador – in the same way as Oleksandr Zinchenko, Romelu Lukaku, Roberto Firmino and Kevin de Bruyne. The presentation provided by Eugene Nashilov, the CEO of Strikerz Inc., Studio based in the United Kingdom since 2016, insists on the need for change: “Our objective, with UFL, is to create a game that is safe problems that hinder the progression of the genus “. And seen how ultimate Team dies on FIFA’s realism ambitions, it is a finding that seems shared by the community.

In fact, the successful economic model closer to UFL of a FIFA Ultimate Team which would not say its name. The victories obtained at the strength of the MatchMaking will allow to transfer new elements, and to adapt the tactic accordingly, with the possibility of course to play online or ofline according to the events, challenges and tournaments that the studio provides for implement. 2V2 and 3V3 matches are also planned for those who favor the coop.

Another idea that underlies the experience: to create an ecosystem persist which evolves according to the updates, without the need to go to the box at each updating of staff – no annuals, your trophies will remain acquired until the Game service continues. Rather than embarking on the acquisition of the slightest license, UFL will also try to build partnerships with some leading clubs on the license side. Monaco, Besiktas, Mönchengladbach, Celtic, Rangers, Shakhtar Donetsk, Sporting Portugal and West Ham are the first to have joined the adventure. It is reminded that the agreement concluded with FIFPRO guarantees the exploitation of the rights of athletes.

As for the gameplay, it will be necessary for the moment to be satisfied with these few clipped extracts to make a first idea. And as long as we will not have a controller in hand, it will be difficult to check the investment issues and the transitions between the animations, which will therefore be refrained from commenting at this stage – that’s it, the professionalism. Still, UFL makes us furiously think of FIFA, and that it will undoubtedly roll up the sleeves until navel to compete illico with a strong license of more than thirty years of experience. It is all the harm that we want to ufl, which will only come out when the developers feel ready.



UFL – Gameplay Trailer