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Additional weapons and English sounds have been introduced in the PS4 version of Jusan Warning Defense Area free patch. New price versions with DLC benefits are also available

On August 4th, Atlas launched a new price version of the Welcome Value Pack with DLC benefits for the PS4 version of the dramatic adventure game 13 aircraft defense sphere . The price is 7678 yen (tax included) for both the package and download version.

In addition, a free patch that adds the in-game elements and English audio to the PS4 version of the Nintendo Switch version of this work has been distributed today. This patch can also be applied in versions released before the Welcome Value Pack.


Jusan Machinery Defense Area is a dramatic adventure game designed by Vanilaware. In the world of this work, one day in 1985, the existence called monster suddenly flew like a meteorite. Then, 13 boys and girls living in a different era from the 1940s to the future of the 22nd century rode a giant robot called mechanic and confronting the destruction fate over time.

This work is an adventure part, an adventure part that explores the truth of the destruction of the destruction from a daily event, a research edition that enjoys returning and considering the story in event archives and mystery files, and boarding a soldier. Consists of the simulation battle part Collapse that fights monsters. By unraveling the stories of all 13 protagonists, the truth of the world will be revealed.

The PS4 version Welcome Value Pack released this time includes two types of DLC benefits in addition to the main game. The first is the digital booklet Digital Secret File, which is completely supervised by Vanilaware, which completely reproduced a variety of projects, including the 1980s magazine-style articles that appeared in the game. A total of 132 pages also covers the game that has not been recorded and treasured.

The other is original theme & avatar set. In addition to the premium version of the original theme, the main characters of this work, Okinoji, Chihiro Shibata, Miwatari Sawatari, Tamao Kurabe, and BJ / Tail are set.

For the PS4 version of this work, a free patch that introduces additional weapons and English audio has been launched. These are elements implemented before the Nintendo Switch version. Additional weapons will be added (26 types in total) per protagonist for weapons that can be used in the collapsed battle.

For example, Juro Kurabe adds a penetrating machine gun arm piercing cannon, and a high-power plasma arc fountainer that ignores enemy armor and deals maximum damage. Megumi Yakushi-ji will add a high-pals laser that emits a beam in front of the front, and a penetrating multi-rock missile that emits a missile within the specified range. For more information, please check the official website.

Jusan Channel Defense Area is on sale for PS4/Nintendo Switch. Following the release of the Welcome Value Pack, the PS4 version of Premium Edition and Premium Edition Upgrade have been discontinued.

Superior Reus leads BVB to a clear victory over Gladbach

Dortmund-Coach Marco Rose took three personnel changes against the 2: 4 defeat against Glasgow Rangers: Akanji (muscle fiber rupture), Witsel and Brandt (both bank) were replaced by CAN, Reyna and Hazard. Haaland belonged as expected again to the squad again.

Gladbach Trainer Adi Hütter renounced after the 3: 2 home win against Augsburg on change and sent the same starting race.

Paint and Reus: Double impact in six minutes

In pouring rain, both teams first delivered a balanced initial phase in which the BVB booked the first chances: paint shot over it (5.), Summer defused Reyna’s volley shot (6.).

Ready ride took the partially intense game (referee Fritz Zückte before the break three times yellow; Reyna and Zagdou had to be replaced injury) after 20 minutes on: After Sommer’s failed liberation strike, it probably tried from the side line with a skilful direct acceptance, the arc lamp Not the way to the gate (22.). Only a pointer turn of rotation later prevented Kobel against Koné the residue (23.).

Three minutes later, the BVB instead struck: Paint claimed the ball against Ginter and moved to double pass with Guerreiro. Summer parished, Reus hunted the rebound over the line (26th). Six minutes later, the scorer sent paint with a passport in the depth towards the goal. The Friedrich leftoaned Dutch overpointed summer with a little luck to 2: 0 (32.).

Reus Involved in 5(!) Goals! | Dortmund - Gladbach 6-0 | All Goals | Matchday 23 – Bundesliga 21/22
The BVB also thanks to his final man with this result: for Kobel not only defused Hofmann’s Grand Chance (30th), but also Neuhaus’ flat shot from the back space (37.).

Hofmann meets the latte, then the BVB beats twice

The guests reacted and put in the break on four chain. This initially paid out due to slightly larger game shares, but the foals did not transform into mandatory opportunities. The only exception: Hofmann’s slats bang in the 62nd minute. As a signal for catching up hunting, the best Gladbach chance served in the second round but not. Instead, the BVB struck again within a few minutes twice: Only Wolf shot, shortly previously replaced, the ball to Reus passing to the bottom edge of the latte, from there the game device crashed over the line (70th). Then it was the substitute Moukoko, who had to stop the foot to 4: 0 only after Reus’ fine cross pass (74.).

REUS and CAN build the lead

The Gladbach resistance was long broken – but the BVB did not have enough. Summer first prevented worse against Brandt (79.), but then had a look against the outstanding reus: the captain was previously of Hummels, who had picked up the ball with Kobel and had born undisturbed to the opposing half, with fine external Pass has been set in scene (81.). After Brand’s Schlenzer (just over, 87.) Bensbaini also undertook a foul on Wolf in his own penalty area. CAN turned from the point to the 6: 0 final score (90. + 1). Directly in the goalkeeper of the final whistle pointed.

The Borussia from Dortmund, which had decided the 100th Bundesliga duel of the two traditional clubs for themselves, dispute on Thursday the second leg in the Europa League at the Glasgow Rangers and then occurs on Sunday (5.30 pm) away in Augsburg. Gladbach plays on Saturday (15.30 clock) at home against Wolfsburg.

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