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Decision from conviction: Özcan plays for Turkey in the future

Ozcan went through all the U national teams of the DFB, most recently he played 15 times for the German U 21 and was with the team 2021 European champion – under Stefan Kuntz. The 24-year-old will follow in Turkey now. The decision to play for his country of birth of Germany or Turkey to play the country of birth of his parents has fallen. Özcan has decided for Turkey, as he announced on Instagram.

“In the past few weeks, I have dealt intensively with this question,” Özcan Knowledge, who had telecorded Hansi Flick, who had phoned Hansi Flick last weekend, and which he had “a charming perspective”. “We really talked about it,” says Özcan at “Sky”, “but I have agreed so that I just want to play the season well and wants to retrieve my performance in the club – and then you see what’s in the Future happens. ” The future is not in the DFB selection.

He had “many conversations with my family”, the decision was now “made from conviction”, said Özcan, who has so far received 89 times for the 1st FC Cologne in the Bundesliga and convinced in the current season ( 25 Games, Hansi Flick Average Rote 3.02): “I want to play for Turkey!”

“We know where for us players who have potential. Salih is one of them, without question,” declared flick in the nomination for the two first international matches in the World Cup year. Özcan, 2017 awarded the Fritz Walter Medal in Gold as the best U-19 junior player, but lacked in the squad for the game against Israel and the Netherlands. In the bid of the DFB-EC eleven he will no longer appear after his decision for Turkey.

On the way to Turkey to the Kuntz team

What you need to know about Turkey’s national technology initiative
“Salih Özcan is nominated for the upcoming friendly game of the Turkish A national team against Italy,” the Effzeh tweeted. “He’s already sitting in the plane and is on the way to the team of coach Stefan Kuntz.”

Gladbach: These wrong promises MAN Adi Hütter made

Since summer 2021 Adi Hütter is coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach. The fact that the former coach left the Eintracht Frankfurt and joined Gladbach, was at the persuasion of the former Fohalelf manager Max Eberl, the Hütter made some promises, but apparently no single one was redeemed.

The “Hütter Image” has revealed in its latest edition, as Adi Hütter was lured to Gladbach. A central role has probably played the former Hütters chief Max Eberl, who left the club at the end of January for burnout appearances. Accordingly, in March 2021 there was a meeting between Eberl and Hütter during the country break.

Eberl erklärt Hütter-Verpflichtung:
Eberl is to have traveled to Salzburg extra in Hütters home to convince the football teacher from a commitment to Borussia. Actually, the Austrian had no interest in a change of club, especially because the step towards the Lower Rhine for Hütter did not mean great leap, but after the five-hour conversation, the sheet turned on how the journal learned.

The reason: Eberl lured the coach with great plans and made numerous promises that should have been extremely attractive to Hütter. Among other things, the manager is intended to have an IPO of the Profi Department in view. This should bring in fresh money for the cadre farming.

In addition, in the summer of 2021, the Trio Matthias Ginter, Denis Zakaria and Alassane Pléa should be sold to generate detachment. At the same time new additions were topic. The desire of the coach: a pusher, a quick player for the outer railways and a leader.

Hütter: Do not listen in the summer in Gladbach

In addition, Hütter has shown the perspective, permanently represented in Europe and to prove the fourth Champions League place in the Bundesliga table, so the sheet. After two days of reflection, Hütters should determine to try it in Gladbach.

What followed is known: said trio remained in Gladbach and did not bring any money. It took until the winter to give Zakaria to Juventus Turin. The Causa Ginter meanwhile caused public trouble. The national player will go as well as Pléa only after the end of the season and then free transfer. Hüttery The foal elf bangs around the league, the worst season has been playing for eleven years.

Hütter itself most recently explained: “The ideas and things that were discussed could not all be implemented.”

An early departure is for the Austrian, which cost € 7.5 million after all, and thus after Julian Nagelsmann is the second-tuest coach of the Bundesliga story, but no topic.

“I am ambitious and do not play at all with the idea of ​​stopping in Gladbach in the summer. It is now about the current situation – and therefore, to finish this season.” Nothing else is my focus, “he explained to the” Hütter picture “.

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