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Roccat, KONE XP Air Gaming Wireless Mouse Launched

German NO.1 Gaming Gear brand ROCCAT announced that it will launch two kinds of Kone XP Air through Daewon CTS, an official importer of Korea.


The new product ‘KONE XP AIR’ is a wireless version of ‘KONE XP’ released in March of this year, providing the best grip for any hand, 2.4GHz Stellar Wireless (STELLAR) Wireless) and universal Bluetooth connections and wired cables. The battery duration, which is up to 100 hours or more based on full charge, and a high-speed charging docking station that can be used for 5 hours even for 10 minutes can be provided, creating a more convenient and faster wireless gaming environment.

Even though it is a wireless mouse, it has become a colorful wireless mouse with a more colorful 3D RGB effect with the perfect combination of five RGB zones and translucent shells. With support, 29 features can be mapped to the mouse, making it possible to play faster and more convenient.

KONE XP AIR, which is a product of all the latest technologies of Locat, uses the Titan Optical switch to have satisfactory clicks and reactivity and durability, as well as the latest 19K DPI Oul-Eye sensor. It provides high accuracy and responds faster.

KONE XP AIR’s ‘Krystal 4D Mouse Wheel’, which allows you to experience the tenderness of the extreme as soon as it is used as a heat-treated mouse port, is a translucent material that allows the left and right sides input in addition to the vertical clicks and scrolls of the general mouse. It is lightly made and equipped with RGB lighting to complete the splendor. In addition, the 1.8m phantomflex USB-C charging cable is flexible and light that it can be used or charged by connecting to the wired line.

From the 22nd, the ROCCAT KONE XP AIR launch event will be held on 11th Street. The 50 first-come-first-served customers will receive a sense of 49,000 won worth of Sense IMo MID Gaming Pad, and through the best review event, an event that provides a free 200,000 won Vulcan 122 gaming keyboard and an ELO Air wireless headset worth 130,000 won as a free gift. Proceed together.

More information can be found on the 11th Avenue Event page (11th Street), and you can also visit the official Facebook (Roccatkr) and Instagram (Roccatkr) to check the latest information and various events.

Cog considers the climb of advertisements in the game

NBA 2K21 takes a little heat online after the fans have discovered advertisements in the game. They have not appeared immediately, appearing as magic one month after their exit. Perhaps they hoped no one would notice it? As, these videos pushing the Oculus Quest 2 that make each load screen 15 seconds longer than necessary? These advertisements? Yeah, people have really noticed them, guys.

Super Bowl Commercials: Why This Year Could Be Known as the ‘Crypto Bowl’ | WSJ

You think that 2k games would have learned his lesson after this thing happened last year. I guess the indignation of fans is worth less than advertising dollars. To be honest, most things on the planet land are worth less than advertising dollars. Companies are rather happy to reduce their GDP of one or two to make sure you see their toothpaste, their pubic hairspress or their luxury cars. So far, only EA and 2K derive these manifiers, but the rest of the AAA crew is probably not far behind. Who cares about indignation of consumers when it pays so well, amirite ???

Well, Games videos, I have terrible news. The players vote with their portfolio. You can not even whisper Denuvo in a shell on a deserted beach without your last version being rejected into oblivion. Players are a sensitive and warned group, ready to move mountains from corporate greed. It’s not as if these complaints came at the end of record sales! It’s not as if consumer indignation waves have never destroyed one business in the history of the media! No matter the proof contrary I found after five minutes of research.

Indignation generates clicks like coal in a train engine, but it does not hurt who it is supposed to do it. If players really want to stick to these huge corporate homuncules, they must vote with their portfolio. Otherwise, publishers like EA and Take-Two simply fire people until the actions are starting again. In other words, the only way to overcome these advertisements is never to see them. Even if it requires never buy the games in question.

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