In Boys of the Woodland you can gather an actual little fans around you: In enhancement to the soldier Kelvin, there is likewise the mutant Virginia.
At the very least you can obtain made use of to her a lot that she shields you as well as your storage facility.
Nevertheless, if you eliminate Kelvin, she does not like that at all.
The reaction is still rather strange as well as funny as significant.

Virginia’s reaction to Kelvin’s fatality is just silly and accidentally strange

Who is Kelvin?
An elite soldier that can no more hear and speak after a helicopter crash.
He proceeds to lug out commands that you can offer him by notepad.
Even if there are always too crude blunders, many very early accessibility gamers like Kelvin:
Children of the Woodland:
Everyone loves AI assistant Kelvin, even though he sabotages them
By David Mole
This is Virginia: a mutant with 3 arms and 3 legs.
She is the daughter of the rich billionaire you are really looking for.
You can additionally offer a pistol or shotgun if you have made Virginia in Sons of the Forest to aid you.
As opposed to Kilokelvin, she does decline any kind of commands, however secures you separately.
What’s occurring?
Those that have actually not taken Kilokelvin to their heart, but murder them in cold blood, have to expect effects.
He doesn’t return-and you make Virginia extremely depressing.
At the very least she wails effectively after seeing the dead Kelvin.
Also, if this is still very sudden, wood as well as really strange:
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Grief is various for all people.
Evidently this also applies to mutants or Virginia.
The buddy actually starts sobbing at the push of a button and quits just as instantly.
Involuntary comedy: After that she draws a tool, and it looks briefly as if it were on vengeance.
She simply runs away, gathers a couple of herbs or berries as well as the globe appears alright again.


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Most likely tentative: We presume that this actions is an aspect of Kids of the Forest, which is still transforming with time.
Only the Early Access version can be played so much, so a lot can be improved by the full release.
It’s amusing anyway.
The Very early Gain access to stage of Boys of the Forest has actually been working on the computer considering that February 23.
Simply there.
On PS5 or Xbox Series S/X there is still no other way to play the brand-new survival hit.
But the opportunities of a console launch from Sons of the Woodland are not that poor.
What do you say about Virginia’s ways of persuading grief?
Which AI companion do you prefer?