The fire ax in the Boy of the Woodland is among the 3 axes that you can locate in the video game using a shovel.
If you contrast this ax of the firefighter from the children of the forest with various other tools of close combat, you will need time to turn due to its huge weight.
Yet he brings upon much more damage than any type of various other axes.
Continuous blows with this fiery ax can damage any kind of guard in the game.


When you require a lot more damages than rate, it is practical to use this tool.
It will certainly be a lot simpler to locate this ax Son of the Woodland Fire if you understand the exact place.

The area of the ax Sons of the Fireman

Most likely to the northwestern component of the region, as shown on the map.
Proceed to go till you discover yourself next to the golf cart in Boys of the Forest.
Prior to relocating on, make certain you have a shovel as well as a flashlight.
Otherwise, then initially go as well as discover these things.
The shovel lies in a cave of the Snow Mountain, west of the map, as well as a flashlight-at the scene of the helicopter collision deep in the woodland.

just how to get a fire ax

Now you will certainly require a flashlight and a shovel to obtain an ax of a firefighter.
You have to dig an opening with a shovel beside the golf cart in Boys of the Woodland.
When you press, you will observe a bunker (upkeep a).
Tidy it from dirt and also try to open it.
You will certainly need 2-3 attempts to open it.

As quickly as it is gotten rid of, drop the stairways of the shelter.
Transform as well as open the inventory on the flashlight to look inside the receptacle when you go down.
Remain to go straight up until you enter the room.
In the north you will see an ax in case on the wall surface.
Press this fire ax in the Kid of the Forest, and every little thing prepares.