In a meeting with Enjoyment Weekly, the Co-Director of Last Dream 7 Remake, Naomi Yamaguchi confirmed that part 2 was already under development.
It is probably not a surprise, since FF 7 Remake was quite possibly received by objection and the public.
Obviously, COVID lock is presently underway, but numerous work environments have actually made things function online.
We can only really hope that it will not be delayed longer than it required!
Yamaguchi had extremely fascinating suggestions in the interview, as well as he has worthy goals with the task, declaring that: I think that the goal of a remake is to offer a title that has a universally loved world to the people of
The current generation to ensure that they can live an experience as unusual and moving as at the time, and leave this title behind them as a type of enjoyment to be transferred for the next two decades.
When the original was launched and keeps in mind just how it impacted him at the time, Yamaguchi himself was fifteen years old.

He says: To day, I still keep in mind the impact I really felt when I experienced this globe by playing the game. In Japan, you would receive a strategy overview if you had actually pre-ordered.


The title via Ridicule, so I go over the technique overview even when I did not play, just to submerse myself in the practice of the invigorating globe.
Among the most interesting points for me is that it was inspired by the real-time remake of Disney from Le Beauty and the Beast, which was a rather warm remake that absolutely did not represent the standard.
With to imagine making FF 7 remake something to be sent for the following 20 years, I believe I would have been worried if I had reviewed it before the game launched. It reveals that people can find motivation everywhere.