Net marble has predicted nine new launches, including my own level up this year: Arise, Marvel 2: Meta World.
Net marble is a strategy to make 2023 the first year of the leap by utilizing various genres and proven IPs such as siege strategy, battle royale and action RPG.


First, Marvel 2 of all the sequels of Marvel 2: Meta World (My City) is a game that combines meths and blockchain technology.
In the previous board game, it is being developed as a game that can buy a site from the actual city-based meta world to raise buildings and trade NFT real estate.
Users can not only play more strategic board games with three-dimensional graphics, but also explore the meta world, which is based on real codas such as New York.

Grand Cross W is a siege strategy game where thousands of users around the world have a large-scale war in real time.
It is characterized by the fact that the user can become a lord, combine infantry and horsemen to form an army and acquire heroes with their own stories to strengthen power.
It will also be provided with distinctive combat units such as air units and huge bottles, and elements such as maritime warfare and air warfare.
Based on the Grand Cross worldview, some webtoon characters appear as a hero in the game.

Four games are also being released this year, including High Squad, Paragon: The Over frame, I Level Up: Arise, and Medal Chronicles.

The hype ques, which are being developed as a PC platform, are solo or three-person squads in the future of the city, which plays a real-time Battle Royale War in the future.
Last year’s global test and G-Star unveiled various game contents such as survival mode, conquest mode, and touchdown mode.
There are also unique equipment such as discs weapons wheelies and tempters that attack using winds and weapons-specific skills.

Paragon: The Dover Prime is a mix of third-person shooting (TPS) and MOB genre.
The game is a way for the two teams to participate in the battle and destroy each other’s bases, and the strategy is the core of the MOB genre, and it is a TPS-intuitive and fast tempo.

It is characterized by a variety of strategies that can be used with a realistic sense of space, characteristic heroes, and infinite combinations of more than 100 items.

I only level up alone: ARISE is an action RPG that utilizes level-up IP alone, who recorded 14.2 billion cumulative views around the world.
Users can be the main character, Song Jin-woo, to battle, and level up to create their own action style with various skills and weapons.
In the official launch building, the original key element, the shadow corps, will be fostered, and the parts that gather powerful hunters as guild members will be implemented in depth.
Gate, Hunter’s awakening, and the main character in the original work showed the story of growing into a shadow monarch.

Medal Chronicles is being developed as a Seamless Open World MMORPG.
Net marble, along with Studio Dragon, has participated in the joint development of IP since the Medal Chronicles Season 2, and is developing a world-based game based in collaboration with drama writers.
In the last G-Star, the scenario mode, where you can experience the narrative of the Medal Chronicles, and a large-scale battlefield in which three forces match.
It is characterized by play due to day and night and climate change, and political and economic conflicts and cooperation between the federation and the three forces.

God’s Tower, which was unveiled at NTP last year: New world and roundtable articles are also aiming to launch this year.
God’s Tower: The new world is a collectable RPG that utilizes the tower of God, one of the popular webtoons, and also reveals hidden stories with the original elements such as various characters and worldviews.
The original article aimed at the North American market is a strategic RPG that adapts the story of the round table, and will provide live-action-based graphics and brilliant battles.
Seven Knights Finger (gauze), which inherits the worldview of core IP Seven Knights, has also begun to develop within the year.

In addition, Net marble was issued by the Chinese government last year for A3: Still Alive, Shop Titan, Second: Cross Worlds, and Neolithic Age.