Grafton Inc., an association of independent video game advancement studios, which is behind PUBG’s success, among other things, reveals the opening of its very first Canadian AAA video game developer studio in Montreal, Quebec, to name a few things.
The Grafton Montréal Studio is headed by Patrick Bethe, who, with over 20 years of experience in management positions, represents a popular personality in the video game industry in some of the world’s finest understood franchises.
A team of veterans from the industry has actually currently joined Bethe, including Benoit Crappier (Manufacturer), Frédéric Duroc (Game Director) and Martin Paradise (Innovation Director).
In addition, the studio is preparing 150 employees over the next three years, consisting of in crucial positions such as animation, programming and personnel management.
The first project by Grafton Montréal Studio will be the adaptation of the popular dream unique series The Bird That Drinks Tears.
Leonardo Lee, who produced and composed the series of books, is thought about a pioneer of the Korean dream category.
As one of Korea’s very popular fantasy authors, Lee is an impressive author who produces advanced fantasy people and fills them with complex characters.
The Bird That Drinks Tears has been liked by readers for the established concept of his worlds and the three-dimensional characters for 20 years.
The series of novels is identified by its distinct locations and characters that splendidly integrate East and West.
The Bird That Drinks Tears informs the story of four peoples: people, Lectern, Dokkaebis and Nāgas, which are caught up by occasions.
Grafton has been working on the visualization of the world and the characters of the unique since 2021 to broaden the IP by The Bird that Drinks Tears.
In specific, the Art book, which was prepared in November 2022 on the event of the 20th anniversary of the publication of The Bird That Drinks Tears, cited the weekly bestseller list of the large Korean Internet bookstores within 4 days after the advance sale.

We are passionate about opening our very first Canadian AAA studio in Montreal, among the world’s leading cities for the advancement of video games.
The local swimming pool of customized and creative skills is remarkable, and we hope that many will join our group.

The Grafton Montréal Studio will be our third studio in The United States and Canada.


With Patrick we found a fantastic lead that has extensive experience to raise franchises to a brand-new level, explains Ch Kim, CEO von Grafton.

Our team presently consists of knowledgeable talents with a tested track record of successful video games.
We have a typical objective: to deliver the finest possible adaptation of the novel and offer gamers an amazing experience.
When a fan of Middle Ages fantasy since my teenager, I am happy to bring a dream masterpiece to life as a game.
We are passionate about being part of the Grafton family, says Patrick Bethe, studio manager of Grafton Montréal Studio.
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