The Grafton group still carries out its activity in South Korea, but also multiplies efforts in the West and especially on the North American continent.

After having already obtained Californian Studios Striking Range and Unknown Worlds, Grafton reveals the production of Grafton Montreal in Canada-the studio was established last October, but was unveiled openly.
This time, the studio is established from scratch, however delegated to a veteran of the game’s Industry, Patrick Bethe, after 17 years spent at Ubisoft Montreal to deal with the Far cry license.
And Patrick Bethe Arrive not alone at Grafton Montreal: he is accompanied by a lot of his previous coworkers, consisting of manufacturer Benoit Crappier or the Director of Game Frederic Duroc.
And Dice 3 years, the subsidiary aims to have 150 workers.
For what jobs?
Certainly to satiate the co-development of the Windless Task.


As we know, the game needs to immerse players in a world influenced by Korean folklore and freely adjusted from the unique Fantasy The Bird That Drinks Tears by Leonardo Lee.
A Grafton group in Korea is already in charge of the style of the game, but the job is for that reason meant to be managed by Grafton Montreal in order to better respond to its worldwide ambitions-also considering that The Bird That Drinks Tears need to be decreased
both in the kind of video game, but also multimedia items.
Till DE DEN finding out more about the license, Grafton Montreal hires his future workers and makes it known on video.
Grafton Montreal is hiring to design the Windless Project