Compared to the narrow 2-1 opening win against Phoenix Lübeck, Teutonic primary coach Berger exchanged 2 positions.
For the yellow-locked, Grain was allowed to go from the beginning, Primeval changed Krasniqi, who initially took a seat on the bench.
There were 3 modifications in the young storks compared to the 2-1 win versus BSV SW Redden.
Bogdanović, boiling and besiege started for Wahnsiedler, Gum pert (both bank) and Van de Schepop (not in the team).
From the start, the 423 spectators in the hoheluft arena saw a dedicated home team that put the playfully tried and evaluated expert reserve from Holstein Kiel under pressure.
In spite of the freezing temperatures around freezing, it just took a few seconds in the north of Hamburg until Teutonic appeared in front of the guest box for the very first time.
Bertha just missed out on the opposing real estate hairless (first).
As an outcome, Kiel sought once again and once again after easing his own ownership of the ball, however instead after reckless loss of balls, the hungry FC Teutonic repeatedly caught.
The striking Lefkowitz consistently presented the guest defensive with problems, KSV keeper Water or, as in the 24th minute of the crossbeams, a previous lead avoided Mortensen.
In the 39th minute it was time.
After a corner, Steno was able to push the leather over the line with little effort (39. ).
In the header, Kiel’s Guam probably faulted decisively, which is why the goal was eventually considered an own goal.

major for 7 minutes

The lethargic of the young storks walked through the entire game like a thread and never ended after the change of sides.
If the blood empty appearance in the preliminary remained more or less without significant repercussions to the 0: 1 quickly before the break, Teutonic showed 2 significantly cold-shoveled in half and the outcome was raised according to the course of the video game.
The overwhelmed Kiel back team made it too easy for FC Teutonic and actually invited the house side to score.
Lefkowitz (58. ), Garden (62.) and Brandt (65th) thanked them and made 4: 0 within 7 minutes.
The game, as a result, of course decided long earlier, ripple in the final minutes before referee Kluge ended both teams.
In the table, Mortensen had the ability to take a huge jump from tenth to 6th place in the new calendar year in the brand-new calendar year and thus develop up a healthy cushion for the transfer ranks.
On the game-free weekend, the Berger team can look at the competitors without ulterior intentions.


After the ordeal, pure relegation fight is called once again.
The cushion to the red zone is only three points, which will make a lot of pressure on the boiler in the away video game at Cache Flensburg on Saturday (kick-off 13:30).