The release of Hogwarts Legacy looms: The new action role-playing game from the Harry Potter universe will be released on 10.
February for PC, ps5 and xbox Series X/S.
In keeping with the upcoming activation, we have the most essential info ready at this moment: tips, tests & solutions, precise start times and information about the preload.
Anyone who has actually pre-ordered the digital basic variation places on the Hogwarts experience at midnight.
Nevertheless, this only uses to gamers on ps5 and xbox Series X/S: PC gamers have to be patient till Friday night up until their train likewise enters into the magic world.


Anyone who has purchased the deluxe edition can swing the wand since february 7th.
Anyone who needs to have any questions before the activation is advised to have a look at our existing special: We respond to the most crucial concerns about the brand-new magic experience.
Prior to the start of the game, also have an appearance in our entry-level guide to get you in advance.
You can likewise discover out how you make quick cash in Hogwarts Legacy.
In our comprehensive test for Hogwarts Legacy, you can check out that the purchase is worthwhile.
The international press also discovers praise for the new work of the Avalanche Studios.
In order to pass the time until the release, you can likewise take a look at our travel guide to Hogwarts Legacy.
Oh yes, it would be useful not to be afraid of spiders!


  1. Start time: All details about activation on the release day
  2. Preload: Download Hogwarts Legacy ahead of time
  3. Secure free products on Twitch
  4. Hogwarts Tradition in the test: a magical experience
  5. Tips for Hogwarts Legacy-SO you remain in the magic world

Start time: All information about activation on the release day

Hogwarts Tradition (buy now/ EUR 53.99) will occur worldwide on February 10th.
The concrete times for the activation have actually already been identified: Gamers on ps5 and xbox Series X/S can get into the brand-new adventure from the Harry Potter universe on time at midnight.
PC players need to be client a little longer: Hogwarts Tradition starts at 7 p.m. on Steam and Epic Games Store.
However, if you should receive the disc version for ps5 and xbox Series X/S beforehand, however, you can immediately swing the wand.
Variations for PS4 and Xbox One follow in April, the Switch version has actually been announced for July.
Anybody who has actually reached the more expensive digital deluxe version has actually been exploring the magic world because February 7th.
Early gain access to starting, especially with the PC version, there were significant issues.
For example, gamers reported that Hogwarts Tradition could not start despite the fact that they remain in belongings of the deluxe variation.
Checking out suggestion: Hogwarts Legacy: This is how you connect the warding world account

Preload: Download Hogwarts Legacy in advance

That you can get in on time for activation at midnight at Hogwarts Tradition, you download the data required for playing in advance.
The preloads are live on both ps5 and xbox Series X/s.
You can start the downloads-and go to Hogwarts at midnight if you have actually bought the basic variation in advance.
Contrary to initial strategies, a preload is now likewise readily available for the PC variation (Steam).
The download size is around 70 gigabytes.
Incidentally, you also get all the updates that the designers have currently submitted later on.

get totally free items on Twitch

In order to celebrate the early gain access to launch and the international activation of Hogwarts Legacy, the designers distribute individual drops on Twitch: take a look at the getting involved transmissions to protect free in-game items.
Therefore, turn on February 10th at 5 p.m. in the stream of the Avalanche Studios to secure Merlin’s blue cape for free.
By February 24, you can likewise drop by getting involved banners to get more items.
All you need to do is link your accounts and then switch on your option with a streamer.
Make sure that the drops are activated.
There is among the presents every thirty minutes: glasses, a hat, a headscarf and a lilac-colored ensemble.

Hogwarts Legacy in the test: a magical adventure

In our in-depth test for Hogwarts Tradition you read what awaits you in the action role-playing game-and why Harry Potter fans get their cash’s worth.
The video game that fans have actually been waiting for many years and near a masterpiece for them, writes our editor Antonia Dealer in a big review.

And even more: Hogwarts Legacy is definitely worth it for fans. Anyone who can overlook them awaits a wonderful adventure with terrific attention to information.
The magical world of Hogwarts appears to be through at all corners and corner.
Hogwarts Legacy also gets a great deal of praise from the global press.
You can discover an introduction of the evaluations under this link.

suggestions on Hogwarts Legacy-SO you remain in the magic world

Guides, techniques, suggestions and options: For the ideal start of the video game, we recommend our entry-level guide to Hogwarts Tradition.
The article has details about the individual houses, explains the primary objectives and exposes why you need to certainly explore your surroundings.
There are also suggestions for effective combating, healing potions and rewards.
We likewise explain to you in our suggestion rubles how to open the puzzle doors with animals – and-and where you can find the note for the option.
And: You can also learn how you make a great deal of cash in Hogwarts Legacy.
Watch on the suggestions rubric over the coming days, presently even more guides and techniques for the action role-playing game are being produced.
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You set them up properly!
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