With the launch of Hogwarts Legacy approaching, it is time to prepare for their magical adventures by installing the game before its launch.
But, if you are here, you are probably wondering, can you pre-go Hogwarts Legacy in Steam?
The only way to answer this question is to analyze the information of the game editor, Warner Bros. Games.

preload of Steam of Hogwarts Legacy explained

According to a Twitter publication by Warner Bros. Games, those who have bought the game at Steam or Epic Games Store cannot pre-prefer Hogwarts Legacy.
It is not entirely clear why you cannot access delivery with this function, but the editor apologized for discomfort.
Hello, and thanks for contacting us!
There are currently no plans for a preload period for Hogwarts Legacy on PC.
We regret the inconvenience, but if you need anything else, let us see!
—WB Games Support (@WBGAMESUPPORT) February 4, 2023,
Other systems, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, can pre-prefer Hogwarts Legacy, despite not being available for PC players.

However, even if Steam users cannot do this mechanics, at least they can ensure that they have the appropriate requirements when consulting the recommended PC specifications on the official website.
Those who bought the Deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy can get Early Access to play the game 72 hours before launch, so be sure to download it once available.
The game is also available to coordinate if you want to claim rewards, such as Onyx Hippogriff or Felix Felicia Potion Recipe.
Unfortunately, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players will not be able to play delivery at this time since these versions received a later date.


That is enough for our guide on whether you can pre-pre-pre-pre-preload Hogwarts Legacy in Steam.
As long as you are here, you can check the corresponding links below to see more information.
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