Guerrilla Games announced today’s confirmation of Golds on the VR game ‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ based on the Horizon series on its Twitter.
If there is no big problem, it will be released as a title of the PS VR2 released on February 22.

The main character of Horizon Call of the Mountain is Lies from Karma.
She retired in an unpleasant event, and she is tasked with investigating the reason why the machines attack people from the proud maraud of Karma’s king Avid and the priest Maraud.

Although he is the protagonist of Karma, the area she will investigate is not limited to Karma.
Like Alloy, Lath has to dig almost all areas, from Karma to Nora, and Value’s realms.

The video that has been released so far shows the approximate factors of Horizon Call of the Mountain.
The player manipulates Loans to climb the mountain and struggle against the various machine monsters he met in the first episode.


From Shell Walker, Hello Back, Glint Hawk, and Thunder Jo, which is a sign machine monster in the series, you have to rely on primitive weapons.

On the other hand, unlike Ale Roy, who used the focus to grasp the weaknesses of the monsters, the main character of the main character did not show the focus.

Horizon Call of the Mountain, the title of PS VR2, will be released on February 22.
It supports Korean, and you can make a reservation for 69,800 won through the PlayStation Store.