After being confirmed in the trailer for Fortnite’s new season, The Witcher’s protagonist Gerald de Rivia is released to be acquired by Players from the Epic Games game.
To be able to play with the character of the Andrzej Minkowski saga, the players must complete the missions of Chapter 4: Season 1. This way, it will be possible to rescue the main costume of the package and more items.
However, it is necessary to buy the battle pass to complete Gerald de Rivia’s specific tasks.
Currently, the simplest version of the pass costs $25.00, while the 100 level version costs $62.00.
Players should begin the progress of missions at the Lhasa School;
In this area will be available the Pinata, lobby music and banner icon items.
The Missions Page Gerald de Rivia will be divided into two steps:
The first page is now available;
The second page will be available from Feuary 28, along with Patch 23.50.