The American Charles Critical White Jr. (29) is not necessarily understood for family-friendly home entertainment on Twitch and YouTube.
With his existing video, nevertheless, he obviously went too far since it cost him a sponsor.
What sort of collaboration was that?
In a video of January 28, CR1TIKAL stated that he had just lost a large collaboration.
It was a cooperation with a larger brand, the names of which he should not name.
At a later point in the video, the streamer mentions a Fortune 500 company-one of the 500 largest business in the United States.
They would have prepared a truly cool job, according to CR1tikal, but shortly before the starting signal, the business all of a sudden didn’t need to know anything about him.
The reason for this is said to have actually been his current music video.
Other material creators likewise try as an artist:

music video costs‘ streamer the partnership

What sort of video was that?
Together with the singer-songwriter Troy McGuire music, CR1tikal makes music under the name The Mild Men.
The two like to explore different styles, often the songs are quite intriguing.

On January 12th they launched their latest single Filthy, followed by a music video on YouTube the next day.
And the tune has everything: CR1TIKAL says that he had actually gathered the most repulsive texts that in some way remembered him.
He was an overcooking boiler of impairment.
The last variation was still relatively tame, because at some point his partner told him that he needed to screw the entire thing a little.
The end result was too much for his cooperation partner, as the streamer now exposed:

I only posted this video about a week prior to the start of the partnership.
And almost precisely two days after we published the video, they sent us a panic message in which they notified us that they didn’t wish to have anything to do with us anymore.
Filthy went too far.
The company broke off every relationship with him, according to CR1tikal, who can not really comprehend that.
You can watch his video here:

Streamer states that is art

How does CR1TIKAL see that?
The streamer explains that it is currently clear to him that his material is not necessarily family-friendly.
This does not immediately make him a brand threat, i.e. a risk to the brand.
The song is rather severe, graphic-but likewise silly.
The collaboration had nothing to do with it.
If it had actually been a musical cooperation, he could have understood it.
Nobody would have associated the brand with the tune, that was all quite withdrawn from reality.
Would he make something different in retrospect?
Not at all.
CR1TIKAL states he is damn proud of the tune and would be 100 % behind it.
He was also prepared to lose 1,000 partnerships, the track is terrific.

I think we have developed something unique in the very best sense.


Yes, he is filthy, wild, even disgusting in some locations, however that’s what makes art.
The streamer can not understand the attitude that somebody disagrees for cooperation because he would become a vulgar-after all, he does not set church on fire.
Nowadays, whatever should be so sterile and lightning, says Critical.
Advertisers would only want to uninteresting, irregular garbage.
On the other hand, he chooses to produce something memorable and amusing, which should actually be a lot more important to the brands.
The streamer also refers to the new guidelines for monetization of videos on YouTube:
A false word costs people on YouTube: I’m damaged