The new content of ‘World of Warcraft: Yong gun Corps’, ‘Trading’, was updated on February 2.

‘Trading Status’ is a game store where you can transform the equipment shape, a pet, and a vehicle.
The trading stations for each faction are located in the big cities, Porrima and Storm wind.

‘Traveler’s seal’ can be obtained from two methods. You can get 500 seals every month through automatic payment by accessing the game, and you can get it through various activities in the game.
Currently, there are various activities across the contents, such as removing the head of the raid and clearing the wedge dungeon (myth+ dungeon), and you can get up to 50 to 50 travelers.

In addition, if you obtain 1,000 cumulative seals, you can get a ‘Dead-Dawn Radar’ vehicle.

The ‘Traveler’s Seal’ obtained can be exchanged for a real product at the trade station.
The product changes every month, but the goods of the vehicle and the high value are maintained at a trade station for up to 3 months, and even though the desired product is released, the product is not obtained within the period, so that the product is determined to prevent the work that cannot be obtained.
You can freeze the trade station until you freeze and get enough seal.

On the other hand, the process for acquiring the seal of the traveler and the seal are shared by all the characters in the account, and all products in the trade station can be used as an account sharing.


In addition, the list of monthly products sold by the trade station can be found on the website of World of Warcraft without accessing the game.