Hogwarts Legacy is an open world RPG.
When we think about this the idea of a map is one of the first things that come to mind.
It is also common to wonder about the size of this world and which places of this magical universe of Harry Potter, created by J.K.
Rowling we can explore.

Hogwarts Map Legacy empty

This is a leak in the map Reddit on a Hogwarts Legacy Art book.
It is important to make it clear that nothing official has been revealed by Avalanche, so it is not possible to be sure about the truth of the photo.
If true, it is evident that the map will be gigantic and full of things to do, including side missions, find and rescue magic beasts, collect magic items and many secret dungeons.

Places already confirmed in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Hogwarts School
  • Outside Hogwarts
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Black Lake
  • Hogsmeade
  • Outside Hogsmeade
  • Dragon Alley

Quick trip with Flu dust

The game will feature the famous Flu powder for quick trips.
In addition, flying mounts will be available and of course the good old oom will always be an option.
There are several other interesting places that the game could ing, such as the Ministry of Magic, a visit to other schools of magic (Mamoudzou, Castelouxo, etc.), Azkaban and places of the world.
About Hogwarts, your exploration will be complex, and the place is full of secrets, as the room needs.
In addition, there is a possibility that the famous secret chamber can be explored.


The game also has several dishes, including underground, full of inferior (undead).
So we can expect not only flat exploration, but also underground and high regions, only reached with mounts or ooms.
It has also been confirmed that it will be possible to swim, but we do not know if the game will feature underwater exploration, such as the possibility of diving in the black lake and seeing the Serbians.