Without much to tell about the Common financial report (if they are happy, we are happy) and waiting for Ubisoft to announce the third The Crew, why not, this morning it is time to pull rumors.
Of those with a certain weight, there would be more, because of the reliable of the sources and because the strange thing, in these uncertain times, would be to expect something good from E3.
These are the (right?) News for the active recharge of today Tuesday, January 31, 2023:
Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox will not be in E3 2023, according to IGN.
Sources consulted by the American media say that neither of the three companies will have stand at the Convention Center-only Nintendo was still there in E3 2019, the last face-to-face edition.
From Reed pop, the new organizer of the event, they have not denied the information in a statement that sounds like resignation: «We have received much interest and several verbal agreements from many of the largest companies in the industry.
When we are ready to announce the participants, they will surely make the trip deserve the penalty ».
Not to mention the E3, from Xbox they did confirm their return to Los Angeles for the annual showcase this summer.
Amazon prepares another movie and a series of Tomb Raider.
In The Hollywood Reporter they talk about a Marvel franchise for this new coming from Lara Croft.
Amazon Games announced in December that it will be in charge of editing the next game of the adventurer, the first Crystal Dynamics project as part of the Group embarrass.
MLB The Show 23 will be released on May 28.
As the previous delivery, the title of Sony San Diego Studio will have versions for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S-and will be available in Game Pass of launch.
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