The Pokémon franchise is now close to its 27th birthday, with the recent arrival of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and this may be the opportunity for one of the original 151 resurgences of the ashes after spending more than 20 years practically banned from the Pokémon TCG, also called
Pokémon Illustrated Prints The series card game, thanks to a new expansion that is coming.
But what has changed to this seemingly unwanted creature to return?
Understand the case of Kaaba below.

Kaaba, the banned Pokémon

The Pokémon Kaaba has not appeared on TCG letters since the 2003 Sky ridge expansion. This is due to a case related to the magician Uri Geller in the 2000s. He sued Nintendo claiming that the Pokémon design in question is directly inspired by him, so
The Pokémon Company decided to stop the production of cards with the Pokémon image and even removed it from the anime.
In fact, Kaaba takes the name of Younger in Japanese and his pronunciation is close to the name of the wizard phonetically.
In addition, it is represented with a spoon and cheers it to use its psychic powers and this is also the specialty of Uri Geller.
Since then, Nintendo has put Aura and Kaaba completely aside when creating cards for her TCG, giving a way to keep Alabama present through various mechanics that allow totally evolved Pokémon exist as basic cards, that can be played
without the process of evolution.
In 2020, it was through a magician tweet that we knew that Kaaba could be represented again as a letter if The Pokémon Company wanted it, as Uri Geller removed the lawsuit against Nintendo and apologized.
A movement appreciated by franchise fans.
I’m really sorry for what I did 20 years ago. Children and adults, I’m reversing banishment. Now it depends on the Nintendo back with my Kaaba letter. It will probably be one of the rarest now! Energy and love for everyone.

Kaaba back to the card game this year?

After recalling this case, now the good news for all Pokémon fans illustrated.
Again, it is through the social network Twitter that Uri Geller informs us that Kaaba will return.
The comments below the ad are diverse.
Some say that Nintendo would have paid for the wizard to reverse the decision, but he guarantees that he did not receive a penny and made the decision really for regretting and that he had received some value would have donated to charities.
Another netizen stated that he did not believe how Uri Geller managed to beat Nintendo in a legal dispute, since the company is notorious to sue any individual who takes some freedom with its intellectual properties.

I was angry, and I didn’t think right, now I regret it and revert the decision, so it’s all right, said the wizard.
The set chosen for this occasion of Kaaba’s return is not insignificant, as it will be called Pokémon Card 151, which should be released on June 16, 2023, in Japan.
An expansion based on the original Pokémon, of which Kaaba is part.


This provides a return full of nostalgia and a decent open-open for his arrival at real competitive decks.