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Month: January 2023

E3 2023: Video Games, Transmedia & Rumors

Without much to tell about the Common financial report (if they are happy, we are happy) and waiting for Ubisoft to announce the third The Crew, why not, this morning it is time to pull rumors.
Of those with a certain weight, there would be more, because of the reliable of the sources and because the strange thing, in these uncertain times, would be to expect something good from E3.
These are the (right?) News for the active recharge of today Tuesday, January 31, 2023:
Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox will not be in E3 2023, according to IGN.
Sources consulted by the American media say that neither of the three companies will have stand at the Convention Center-only Nintendo was still there in E3 2019, the last face-to-face edition.
From Reed pop, the new organizer of the event, they have not denied the information in a statement that sounds like resignation: «We have received much interest and several verbal agreements from many of the largest companies in the industry.
When we are ready to announce the participants, they will surely make the trip deserve the penalty ».
Not to mention the E3, from Xbox they did confirm their return to Los Angeles for the annual showcase this summer.
Amazon prepares another movie and a series of Tomb Raider.
In The Hollywood Reporter they talk about a Marvel franchise for this new coming from Lara Croft.
Amazon Games announced in December that it will be in charge of editing the next game of the adventurer, the first Crystal Dynamics project as part of the Group embarrass.
MLB The Show 23 will be released on May 28.
As the previous delivery, the title of Sony San Diego Studio will have versions for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S-and will be available in Game Pass of launch.
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Pokemon Card 151: A Long Overdue Letter For This Beloved Pokemons Return To The Spotlight

The Pokémon franchise is now close to its 27th birthday, with the recent arrival of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and this may be the opportunity for one of the original 151 resurgences of the ashes after spending more than 20 years practically banned from the Pokémon TCG, also called
Pokémon Illustrated Prints The series card game, thanks to a new expansion that is coming.
But what has changed to this seemingly unwanted creature to return?
Understand the case of Kaaba below.

Kaaba, the banned Pokémon

The Pokémon Kaaba has not appeared on TCG letters since the 2003 Sky ridge expansion. This is due to a case related to the magician Uri Geller in the 2000s. He sued Nintendo claiming that the Pokémon design in question is directly inspired by him, so
The Pokémon Company decided to stop the production of cards with the Pokémon image and even removed it from the anime.
In fact, Kaaba takes the name of Younger in Japanese and his pronunciation is close to the name of the wizard phonetically.
In addition, it is represented with a spoon and cheers it to use its psychic powers and this is also the specialty of Uri Geller.
Since then, Nintendo has put Aura and Kaaba completely aside when creating cards for her TCG, giving a way to keep Alabama present through various mechanics that allow totally evolved Pokémon exist as basic cards, that can be played
without the process of evolution.
In 2020, it was through a magician tweet that we knew that Kaaba could be represented again as a letter if The Pokémon Company wanted it, as Uri Geller removed the lawsuit against Nintendo and apologized.
A movement appreciated by franchise fans.
I’m really sorry for what I did 20 years ago. Children and adults, I’m reversing banishment. Now it depends on the Nintendo back with my Kaaba letter. It will probably be one of the rarest now! Energy and love for everyone.

Kaaba back to the card game this year?

After recalling this case, now the good news for all Pokémon fans illustrated.
Again, it is through the social network Twitter that Uri Geller informs us that Kaaba will return.
The comments below the ad are diverse.
Some say that Nintendo would have paid for the wizard to reverse the decision, but he guarantees that he did not receive a penny and made the decision really for regretting and that he had received some value would have donated to charities.
Another netizen stated that he did not believe how Uri Geller managed to beat Nintendo in a legal dispute, since the company is notorious to sue any individual who takes some freedom with its intellectual properties.

I was angry, and I didn’t think right, now I regret it and revert the decision, so it’s all right, said the wizard.
The set chosen for this occasion of Kaaba’s return is not insignificant, as it will be called Pokémon Card 151, which should be released on June 16, 2023, in Japan.
An expansion based on the original Pokémon, of which Kaaba is part.


This provides a return full of nostalgia and a decent open-open for his arrival at real competitive decks.

Exploring The Primalistenbollwerk: How To Conquer WoWs First LFR Wing

A week after the brand-new slaughterhouse in WoW, the vault of the versions has opened its gates, the first wing of the slaughterhouse web browser, better called LFR, is now likewise available.
In it, the very first 3 bosses of the raid are waiting on brave players: Rang, the Primalistenrat and Father, the climb.
Level 376 (for the very first two employers) and 382 (at Father).
This is especially intriguing for many gamers due to the fact that of the animal set hands that are to be recorded at Father.
However also the extremely rare ring of Rang or the rare piece of jewelry on the primarily council makes one or the other gamer heart beat faster.
Generally the LFR is considerably much easier than normal mode.
This is likewise the case in the vault of incarnation.
The distinction is lower this time.
In principle, the managers have the exact same mechanics that have to be played.
The lower balancing forgives more errors.
There are a couple of things that you have to pay attention to if you desire to be successful with your LFR group.
We have a couple of brief ideas for you for the three managers of the very first wing.
Intriguing: Wow: Guides for all employers in the vault of versions

vault of the incarnations primarily bulwark

The very first three managers in the LFR are a reasonably crisp start.
Remarkably, the final boss of the wing is the lightest boss in the primarily bulwark.
The primarily council in specific can cost you some attempts.

At the beginning you need to choose among the 5 dragons and hence beat as much trash as possible.
There are some synergies in between the dragons.
Make sure not to take the exact same.
And concentrate on a side of the course since you just have to go right or left.


  • Rocks the one in charge relatively far outdoors on the edge!
  • Lay the fire areas (red circle you) as far as possible on the edge!
  • Follow you an add (red eyes on your head) you go to the employer so that it passes away in the location damage!
  • Soften the little red effects!
  • If the manager delves into the middle, you need to eliminate one of the Federals to leave from the narrower ring!
  • Here everyone needs to attack the very same include!
  • Take notice of a skull marking or skin where most others hit it!
  • Then run out of the ring through the space!
  • Varied fighters can cause damage to the one in charge from the outdoors!
    Source: Source:

The Primalisten Council

  • All 4 managers should die a lot of space damage at the same time!
  • In charges should be filled together!
  • Extent as many spells as possible!
  • Soften the strokes on the flooring!
  • Stay away from players with a blue circle!
  • If you have the blue circle yourself, keep away from other gamers!
  • You can let the circle leakage or lose among the rock columns if you touch them!
  • The large red circle needs to be obstructed by several gamers and leaves a fire surface area!
  • Acts Radios primeval blizzard (you are drawn to the employer), then you need to walk briefly into the fire.
    Otherwise, you will be frozen.
    Source: Source:

Father, the ascended

  • Stay away from the small hurricanes!
  • Is not in the trajectory when the hurricane changes your position!
  • You can see that based on a blue arrow at the typhoon!
  • Is distributed and stay away from each other when the blue circles have actually been distributed.
  • If the one in charge pulls you, you need to begin versus it.


Don’t be dragged in the middle.
Modification instantly to to include and kill it.
Is not near to the edge so as not to be pushed down by the passing away include.
You do not die in the LFR if you are failing, however will be brought up once again after a couple of seconds.
Source: Source:
With these pointers you should not have any significant issues with the first three bosses in the vault of versions.
Take over one after the other and sacks the great prey.
If you wish to know more about in charges, just take a look at our somewhat more detailed guides for the vault of the incarnations.
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