Epic Games makes public an agreement with the FTC, the Federal Commission of Commerce of the United States before the demands in its purche due to the Fortnite store.
The American company will pay the federal organization, a whopping 520 million dollars.
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Epic Games will pay 520 million dollars to the FTC for demands against Fortnite and its store

In a statement from its official website, Epic Games h made public its intention to pay 520 million dollars to the Federal Trade Commission of the United States.
This total sum is divided into two different concepts: 245 million are to solve concerns related to previous designs of the Fortnite store which the FTC must, in turn, enter the plaintiffs it deems appropriate, and the 275 million remaining subscribers are to resolve derived concerns regarding the privacy of minors in Fortnite.
In this notice, Epic Games also clarifies that since its launch in 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale h had different versions of its store, in which you can buy cosmetic objects such characters-collacally known skins-, backpacks and the like.
Payment is made through turkeys, a Virtual Fortnite currency that must be exchanged with real money.
Fortnite’s growing popularity over time and the few accidental purching systems have caused Epic Games to receive not a few collective demands that have led to new versions of the store of his star game in which every time the user h
clearer what you are buying, at what price, and what rights have it regarding returns.
Another of the issues to be addressed is the privacy of minors in Fortnite.
Epic comments that, although Fortnite is designed for teenagers onwards, they cannot sume that there will be no children who play it, so that over time they have giving facilities to parents in the form of different parental control options both
For user accounts for the game itself.
In short: In the statement, Epic Games admits his mistakes in the pt on these two key issues, and recalls the following:
Currently Fortnite is not Pay-to-Win, that is, the objects that can be purched at the store are aesthetic modifications.
There is no stronger or better character than another.
There are no loot boxes since 2019, and there are no bets.
A return ticket system h been implemented an extra meure to accidental purches.
There is also an instant purche cancellation function, again, to avoid accidental purches.
A purche function w also implemented that consists of pressing a button instead of clicking them without further ado.
Returns policies were updated.
It is explicitly announced with yes or not when we want to save payment information for future purches.
There are parental control systems both for Fortnite and on the Epic Games website that include the option of having to introduce a pin.
Another parental control system allows implementing a daily expenditure limit.


  • Minors accounts have extra options for privacy when playing Fortnite and adding strangers.