Dark flow Software Application and Gain Entertainment present the current upgrade for their effective online military action game Enlisted
The update entitled High Caliber introduces large-caliber Gatling gun, a totally brand-new combating zone, the Stalingrad tractor work (STW) and smoke grenades
Phosphorus grenades, which were presented in the last update in the Pacific project, are now likewise readily available in the Fight of Tunisia and the Intrusion of Normandy
With all these new features, the sensible and currently bombastic battles come closer to the real famous fights of the Second World War
With the brand-new upgrade, leaders can use heavy Gatling gun from the caliber.50, which have the ability to penetrate numerous enemy soldiers, tear off the wings of aircraft and even to penetrate the armor of light tanks and spaces
All playable countries in the video game will receive one of these Gatling gun: The US Army will utilize the legendary M2 Browning, the Japanese the effective Type 93, the Germans put them in air-assisted MG-131, and Soviet soldiers murmur the enemy with the DSHK

We are extremely pleased that we can use the players even more realism and immersion with the ‘High Caliber update, stated Sergey Volcano, Video Game Director of Enlisted
These Gatling gun bring an entire brand-new level of method into play, and we can’t wait to see how the players use them on the battlefield.


Tractors were at first produced in the Stalingrad tractor plant, but when the war started, the work was switched to the production of tanks
The STW continued to work during the siege of the city, repaired actively damaged tanks and its employees took part in the defense fights in the area-and that is exactly what Employed does
The graphics and design are based on real archive pictures and videos
The STW had the ability to switch to a complete production cycle and to supply the production series with all the necessary parts for armored building
As a player, you can go through various factory halls that specialize for various functions: foundry, production and even assembly roadways on which unfinished T-34s are still offered
In the meantime, there is still strict winter outside the factory
Winter season staring is really useful here (winter season clothing for soldiers and white color for tanks is currently available through individualization)
The upgrade also brings various new or updated devices such as the SIG 1920 machine weapon, the KO Rifle Type or the MG 15 with a unique drum double magazine with a capability of 75 shots and the RPD-44 Gatling gun prototype
The new lorries consist of a modification of the M3 Stuart with a flamethrower rather of the bug MG, which is perfect to fend off opponent infantry that is approaching from the front
The full list of changes and brand-new functions can be viewed on the main Enlisted site
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