H₂ Interactive Co., Ltd. (H₂ Interactive, CEO Her Jun-ha) is an action game Moon Rider-Guardian’s VENGEFUL Guardian (PS4, PS5)
And the Nintendo Switch will be officially released on January 12th.

The Moon Riders-Guardian’s counterattack, which is a 16-bit style of the classic action game, is a side-scrolling action platformer game about the story of a revenge ninja warrior.
The dictatorship created the Super Soldier Corps as a war weapon, but after a while, the ninja warrior, which was known as the name of Murder, unintentionally wakes up and drives their destiny into destruction.
Born as a tool for managing totalitarian countries, Moon Riders rejected themselves for their purposes, and they have a combat against those who have created themselves for revenge.

The wonderful and desolate world of Moon Rider-Guardian’s counterattack is made of complex pixel art and is filled with homage to classic masterpieces in the 16-bit era.
Let’s overcome the harsh trials in the extremely dangerous eight stages.
The wonderful soundtrack, which flows against the backdrop of beautiful pixel graphics, will give the player with a long-standing sensibility that does not change over time.
Let’s taste the retro game’s standards through the counterattack of the Moon Rider-Guardian.

■ Game features

-Retro Style Action Game The latest work in Joy masher Studio, which produced Blazing Chrome
-Retro game emotions full of graphics, sound and story, etc.
-The enemies can be defeated, finding hidden items, strengthening the Moon Riders, and customizing them to suit your taste.
-The soundtrack that makes your ear entertain
-Ultimately dangerous 8 stages that stimulate the desire to challenge

Information on the release of the Korean version of the Moon Rider-Guardian’s counterattack PCs, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch can be found on the official website, Facebook, and YouTube.