By mid-January 2023, League of Legends players, Mob the Riot Games, will be able to try the particularities of the pre-season of the game’s new season.
This period is essential to understand the changes of the pre-season before embarking on the turmoil of season 13 and the beginning of the ranked ones.
Patch 12.22, in turn, ought many changes in the jungle that seemed to benefit a particular champion.

growing popularity

Currently, Ram mus is the champion with the best victory rate in Summoner’s Rift, with almost 55%.
The character’s banishment rate, however, also increased: the percentage reaches 14%.
Its popularity is equating with champions support like Janna, who is also among the favorites of this pre-season.
With 6% popularity, Ram mus is only behind Dr.
World, which has been a great choice for hunters and players from the top route.
Basically, the armored armadillo is a particular choice that you only pick against specific compositions: if the enemy team has many champions with attack damage (AD).


The introduction of new tank items, however, took him out of this niche and led him to the top.

Nova Build for Armored Tate

Ram mus is not the champion that Riot Games has a lot of interest, but received several buffs during the year (6 in all).

In addition, the arrival of the JAK’Who item, the fickle ended up establishing its supremacy.
This new tanks item allows it to accumulate resistance when it remains in combat also HP Irene with maximum cumulative effects.
All this, combined with the buffs granted by solar fire or abyssal mask (which compensates for armor loss), makes the champion a real beast during Teamfights-EHe becomes hell for his enemies who have difficulty fighting him.
In this way, the new jungle is even easier for Ram mus.
He loses very little HP while cleansing his goals and, moreover, the jungle ends up giving him more support.
Other items also widely used by players during this pre-season are winning eastplate, turbo chemotanketing and thorns armor;
It is basically a combination of resistance, speed and power/acceleration of skill.
For Ram mus players, the situation looks great.
Knowing Riot Games, however, we know that it is just a matter of time until the developer considers the champion ‘very strong’ and finds some way to nerf the character’s performance.