In Marvel: Crisis Protocol, heroes and villains team up in campaigns to stop the schemes of villains from destroying the world. In order to survive each mission, you’ll need a well-rounded team of heroes with complementary powers and abilities. Spider-Woman and Agent Venom are both versatile characters that can be used in any campaign, and they’ll both be available at launch.


Atomic Mass Games likewise just recently announced that Rhino would be pertaining to the game in early 2023, which will become part of the opposing Spider-Foes association.

Spider-Woman is lastly coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol. No information about Spider-Woman and Representative Venom’s abilities were exposed, but both will be part of the Web Warriors affiliation.

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Marvel: Crisis Procedure is a minis skirmish game in which players control the heroes and bad guys of the Marvel Universe while contending against another player. Players can utilize any configuration of heroes and bad guys, offered their group’s total Danger Level is equal to or lower than the Threat Level of whatever scenario gamers choose to play through. Gamers usually build teams around a single association, as some characters have Management abilities that are activated when a team of characters primarily come from the exact same group.

Atomic Mass Games also confirmed that the game’s Crisis Cards, which form the specific scenarios played during matches, will get an overhaul in 2023. In addition to six new maps, the Crisis Cards themselves have been re-formatted, mostly to remove single objective tokens that turn matches into a glorified game of keep away. The Crisis Cards are readily available digitally now and will be launched as a physical card pack in 2023.