As Insider Gaming reports, terrific news about Diablo 4 for the program is said to have been announced during a presentation held in the run-up to this year’s The Video game Awards.
100 reporters had the chance to collect special impressions of the game and even try it out themselves.
The embargo relating to the material shown is arranged to fall on December 7th.
During the presentation, Rod Ferguson is said to have invited all participants to pursue the Video game Awards Program, as there will be a great announcement on Diablo 4.
According to the report, the announcement could be the publication of the main start date of the role-playing game.


In keeping with this, a leaking file had actually suggested possible pre-orders during the Video game Awards at the start of the year.

Sikmamikanico from Xbox Era and Jet Borden from Windows central had actually formerly reported on publication in April 2023.
The latter now made it clear that the info was not a start date, but a start window with a possible deviation of as much as 8 weeks.