343 Industries continues to face a series of problems related to its staff. After 11 years being part of this team, it was recently revealed that Tom French, creative designer of Halo Infinite multiplayer, has abandoned the study.


Through his Twitter account, French revealed that it is time to advance to new projects. Currently, the reason behind this decision is unknown, or what will be its next step in this industry. This was what he said about it:

After more than 11 and a half years in Halo, he left my armor of Spartan for the last time to look for new adventures. It has been a huge honor to be part of a game that I loved as much as a player and that I admired as much as a developer. I couldn’t be more proud of my time in 343 industries.

Although it seems that this decision was not taken after a problem with 343 industries, many fans have expressed concern about the state of Halo Infinite, which has not had the attention that many wants, this due to their extensive seasons that they fail to offer The diversity of games such as Fortnite or War zone.

On related issues, Matt Booty recognizes the lack of updates for Halo Infinite. Similarly, news has been added to the game that fans appreciate.

Editor’s note:

While the departure of Tom French cannot sound like a strong blow to some players, it is important to mention that we are talking about the multiplayer director, which would have consequences in the future. We only have to see who will be responsible for replacing it.