In Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura you can let the very first member of your team out of his ball, so that it accompanies you through Pale.
It can then not only gather products for you, but likewise combat for wild pocket monsters separately.
In advance, fans hesitated that popular Shiny would be beat.
However, the concern is unproven.
In really particular cases, you can even pull a little benefit out of the mechanics.

Your Pokémon refuse to attack Shiny

By pressing R, let your Pokémon out of his ball outdoors game world. It is stuck with wild animals, so it can be damaged and exhausted to return, but also get success and get a few experience points and products
– As if you are included in the battle.
If you want to call your accompanying monsters back, press ZR.
For fear that your pocket beast will kill an unusual Shiny before you get the chance to catch it, you don’t have to do that.


Luckily, your Pokémon refuse to attack Shiny in vehicle battles.
In this video you can see, for instance, how the kill that the player sends off, defeats several wild Voltilämmers, but drops in front of the Shiny variation of the sheep monster.

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that has another benefit

It is very assuring that the developers prevent incredibly annoying kills, however you can even utilize the mechanics to your benefit in extremely unique situations.
As a Shiny, some Pokémon species look confusingly similar to the normal variation.
For instance, this is the case with Sweeps.
The difference can barely be seen with the naked eye.
But if you send your Pokémon, and it declines to eliminate, you can certainly know that it is in fact a Shiny.
If you need to know how Parmesan and Purpura cut out in our test, look into our video:
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