Victoria 3 is a grandiose strategic game, which takes into account all the nations of the world, which allows you to play for any of them, moving to the top.

It has a deep mechanism in which you must control your population, provide them with the best standard of living, build the infrastructure of your nation, engage in politics and something else.

All these factors contribute to changes not only in your country, but also in other countries of the world. One of these mechanisms that is in the game is a colonization, you can establish your own colonies in other countries in order to benefit from their natural resources.

However, colonization is a rather complicated topic, since there are many variables that you need to know about. Therefore, in this leadership we will discuss how to colonize Victoria 3.

How to unlock colonization in Victoria 3

Before you start creating colonies and capturing states, you need to take a few steps to unlock them.

First you need to unlock colonization from society. Technology tree. This is a level of level 1, which is already unlocked for some recognized nations at the beginning of the game.

Unlock colonization will allow you to access the laws on colonization that, in turn, will unlock institutions on colonial affairs. Colonial laws determine migration attractiveness, cost of living, etc., while the institutions of colonial affairs affect the growth rate of your colonies.

Please note that colonial laws will require a special bureaucracy of value, and may also be supported or oppose various interest groups.

First, you will have to adopt one of two colonial laws: colonial resettlement or colonial operation. The activation of one of these laws activates the colonies and allow you to start colonization.

Colonial resettlement significantly increases the attractiveness of migration in non-organizational states, allowing you to easily populate the colony and win in traditional wars.

Colonial exploitation, on the other hand, offers + 10% more bandwidth, but also reduces the production of livelihood and initial wages in non-organic states. It also offers a decrease in voltage by 25%, which can subsequently be a serious problem.


In general, colonial operation really provides faster and cheap colonial growth, but in the long run it becomes more difficult to manage, which makes the law on colonial relocation more feasible.

How to establish a colony in Victoria 3

After you take the first steps and unlock colonial affairs, you can begin to base colonies around the world. However, the colonies can only be created in decentralized countries.

You will be notified of all decentralized nations at the initial stages of the game. Please note that as soon as all countries are colonized, you will no longer be able to colonize.

Moreover, you can establish a colony only in the strategic region in which you declared your interest and in which you can easily reach-through ports or the combined boundaries.

The creation of a colony is a simple process. Firstly, you need to go to the diplomatic lens at the bottom of the screen and press the Install the Colony button-this will open the menu and show you all the states where you can establish the colony. Then all you need to do is choose a staff and click on it to establish a colony there.

At first, you can colonize only one province, but over time your colony will expand to other provinces. The speed with which you colonize other provinces, that is, your colonial growth, is determined by your points at the Institute for Colony Affairs. The presence of more levels will allow you to increase your colonial growth.

There will be five levels in total. The first two levels are easy to get, but you will need research to unlock levels 3, 4 and 5. Mining, civilization of mission also malaria prevention from technology tree respectively.

Please note that to start colonization, it is enough to have only 1 level in an institution for colonies, but in some parts of the world you will also need to explore Shining.

How to manage a colony in Victoria 3

The creation of a colony is a light part. Managing a colony is much more difficult than you think. You should not only look at the tension between the colonies and the neighboring decentralized region (colonial riots), but also compete with other countries trying to colonize the same diplomatic region.

First you must choose a region that is most suitable for colonization. Basically, this will depend on the resources and goods that they have. It would be better to choose the regions that provide resources that your country cannot produce.

To find out which goods are stored in a particular decentralized state, you must go to the Trade section at the bottom of the screen, go to the Import tab and choose the goods that you want to get about. Then go to its details and bring the mouse pointer to any region to get a numerical idea of how many resources/goods there are in this region.

It is best to invest in railways and ports. Buildings after working with the basic infrastructure in order to simplify the transfer of raw materials. This will connect your colonies to your own national market.

Secondly, you should also look at the competition proposed in different regions. Other nations can also establish a colony in the region you need. With a diplomatic lens, you can always see which country colonized which region and what progress they achieved there.

Please note that if any other nation colonized a specific decentralized state and closed all access points, you cannot in any way establish your own colony there.

Below are some of the best options as goals for creating colonies.

  • Oceania: On the islands surrounding this region, you can build ports that will help you in trade.
  • Lower South Africa: regions in this area have valuable sources of raw materials, such as gold and sulfur.
  • West Africa: in this area, as a rule, lower competition, since most countries ignore it, but in fact it contains many good resources such as sugar, tobacco, tea, etc.

The voltage is an important factor that you may want to follow. This mainly determines the riots between different colonies and decentralized countries that arise when the colonies capture the provinces.

As mentioned earlier, colonial operation increases the risk of increasing tension in the region-hence the inefficiency of the law in the long term. The tension will subside over time if you suspend the colonization, but if it reaches 100, you may encounter an uprising that will lead to a full-scale war.

Please note that if you suddenly have changes in plans, you can always cancel the colonization or demolish the existing colony using the Install the Colony button.