In Call of Duty War zone 2 DMZ, players will find various essential items that can be used for different purposes. Revive Pistol is one of these items and is classified as a field improvement in DMZ. This subject can be found when studying the Asmara map, and its rise removes the pre-established field improvement. Here’s how to get Revive Pistol in War zone 2 DMZ.

How to use Revive Pistol in War zone 2 DMZ?

Revive pistols can be found in first-aid kits hanging on the walls, in hiding places with prey, in various buildings of the clinic, and sometimes in the form of ground production. This item is extremely rare, and you must abandon the current field improvement to equip Revive Pistol. It is best to carry with you an update of the ammunition field that you can drop so that the teammates replenish the reserves of ammunition. Revive Pistol is unique in that it can be used to quickly revive teammates, as well as for self-healing.

If you already have self-healing, we recommend that it be transferred to his teammate, as it will come in handy in the fight against AI or enemy operators. Each Revive Pistol has four injection shots. You can aim at a shot down teammate and shoot from this pistol to make one revitalizing injection. In addition, you can use Revive Pistol on yourself, but this function uses all four shots at the same time. Therefore, it is better to use Revive Pistol on your teammates and preserve this self-enforcement in case you have problems.

Revive Pistols will also cause damage to enemy goals, but you must aim in the head to inflict any damage. Since this is a field update, you will have to look for a long time to find Revive Pistol. Check all underground radioactive cache, safe and medical centers to find them quickly. If you have the keys to different locked buildings, use them and look inside these areas to find a gun for revitalization.

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