One of the most difficult bosses in all the Arc Formula is a mother-outer. The clumsy, prickly, formidable boss-spider, Brood mother is as cool as it looks, and can cause players a lot of headache if they act without a plan. With the advent of ARK 2, to achieve success in the future, it is necessary to defeat such strong bosses as Brood mother.

How to find Brood mother in Ark Fjord

To group and fight with Brood mother, you first need to know where to find it. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have the right items for the sacrifice of the foremother, so you can call Brood mother. The necessary items are as follows:

  • One relic Bailey
  • One smart artifact
  • One artifact hunter
  • One artifact of the array
  • 10 Claw Argenteuil
  • 10 sarcomas
  • ten. The vertebra of Sauropod
  • ten. The poison of Titania

Next, it is necessary to find the cave of the final mother at 57.3 latitude, 65.7 longitude. Finally, you need to find the Per material terminal inside the cave at a latitude of 54.5, longitude 65.3 and use objects for sacrifice to call the boss.

How to win Brood mother in Ark Fjord

Finding and calling Brood mother can be easier than killing it. Although she is a mini-boss, she is strong, hardy and not lonely. Its armor is difficult to break through, and it calls for smaller spiders that will pursue players with the help of deafening attacks and web, slowing players. However, with the correct Brood mother strategy, you can ultimately win. Try some tricks below to facilitate the battle for you and your group:

  • Using Future, which strengthens your other tamed, will force them to apply more damage and withstand less damage.
  • Use demons to cure the rest of your tamed, so that they can continue to tank the boss.


  • Having any gigs will make this fight light, as some of them can easily cope with Brood mother damage and break through it armor.

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