Indiana Jones is one of Hollywood’s great adventure sag, with a charismatic Harrison Ford that h been the famous and intrepid archaeologist and who in 2008 returned to her iconic role with the controversial Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the skull of Crystal, a film that w not quite well received among fans for the unlikely and searching for their argument, with aliens included. Now, the director of Lucfilm Kathleen Kennedy h admitted in a recent interview with Empire magazine (via cinema blend) that history w not solid we wanted.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull and its plot

We never set out to do anything other than a great movie. And sometimes you do it perfectly, and other times not. In the ce of Indy 4, I do not think there is something specific that none of us h remembered, except that we may not have had a story solid we wanted, acknowledges the head of Lucfilm.

Although Kennedy’s words about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull are not the only I w happy with the idea of including aliens, Koepp said a few months ago. When I entered, I tried to convince Spielberg and Luc to change it. I had another idea. But no, they didn’t want to change it, admitted the screenwriter.

Indiana Jones will have a fifth and final chance next year with the premiere of Indiana Jones 5, a film that we recently offered you a good handful of unpublished images. Its premiere is scheduled for June 30, 2023.